When we think of things such as mental health concerns, we aren’t always positive that the people we share these issues with are people that can give us the kind of caring and empathic atmosphere that we need in order to tackle these concerns. Unfortunately, the reality is that there are still situations where things like these issues are met with prejudice and judgment, which is perhaps why some of us still hesitate to approach our friends, family, and peers for help. Perhaps this is also part of the reason why some of us also hesitate to seek professional help when we really need it, as we feel it makes us “weak.”

We at Life Resolutions North Melbourne understand these concerns, and we are here to tell you that seeking professional help for your mental health issues is not being “weak.” In fact, it’s the opposite. Acknowledging that you need help is an act of strength as it allows you to acknowledge the reality that you can still grow and improve in your life. We aim to foster and develop communities into being more perceptive and open towards these issues, which we hope to begin doing by catering to all sorts of clients from all walks of life.

Our client-based approach allows us to focus on what our clients need and their goals in the future. This approach allows us to make sure our methodologies and techniques can be applied not just during our sessions with them, but outside as well.

If you’re curious as to who we are and why we do what we do, then you’re at the right place. Feel free to read along as you discover just what makes Life Resolutions so resolute in finding a resolution to your life’s problems.

Life Resolutions and You

We are a group consisting of experienced and skilled counsellors and psychologists who can provide counselling and therapy to children, adult, couples, families, and organisations. We understand that we all are capable of benefiting from therapy as we all go through trying times at some instances in our years of living. Our passion in our craft allows us to not only be dedicated, but to also help give you that extra layer of assurance that we’re definitely willing to help you deal with your issues while you’re with us.

We find it extremely rewarding to assist you through various challenges in your life, and we are equipped to guide and give you the strength work towards your professional and personal goals. Our focus on our clients allows us to find and tailor treatment methods towards what you need and how best to give you ways to solve your situation. We believe that all mental health concerns are solvable given enough time and the proper management methods, and we are more than willing to help you achieve these goals.

Our dedication and willingness to help our clients solve their problems are things that drive us to help clients everyday. We take pride in our approach and our desire to ensure our clients get the help they need through our methods, and we are more than willing to assist them on the way to a brighter and more fulfilling life with themselves and their loved ones.

Client-Focused, Therapeutic

Research has shown that perhaps the most beneficial tool for your progress is your relationship as a client with your psychologist. In our practice, we value the potential this relationship holds and how it can benefit your therapy. We understand that sometimes psychological issues become too overwhelming, and that they may affect our lives negatively and affect the lives of others. However, we believe nothing is too late with enough time, care, and attention.

Our client-focused and therapeutic methods allow us to work with you as our clients, regardless of the changes and challenges you may have experienced in life. This means we work together in overcoming these obstacles in order to achieve your goals in life and at work. To see small positive changes is the most rewarding not only for clients, but for therapists as well.

We have just become part of the Life Resolutions National Network, and we continue to collaborate with organisations and local communities to provide the best service in the community. We coordinate with doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, rehabilitation providers, school counsellors, and other healthcare professionals to provide quality and holistic care for individuals.

We also provide specialised work to companies and organisations in relation to critical incidents, debriefings, and individualised counselling for employees and families. We are also capable of providing company-specific training programs and workshops to enhance collaboration and productivity in the workplace.

We even offer programs to work with staff and students in schools to address various topics that include mindfulness, resilience, bullying, as well as social and emotional development. Our diverse set of treatment methods accommodate to all walks of life. This allows us to cater to everyone who needs help with their mental health issues. We believe that mental health concerns can be solved with a bit of time and proper guidance, and this applies for all sorts of settings.

We understand that sometimes this process can be overwhelming, but we aim to provide you with an environment that is not only comfortable, but could also ensure that you’re with people you can share your sentiments with without any form of judgment or prejudice. Our psychologists are sure to listen to your concerns and provide insight that could be valuable to help you deal with your issues accordingly.

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Outside therapy, we also help with legal matters, and we conduct reports and assessments for requirements such as for the Transport Accident Commission, Immigration Reports, Victims of Crime, and Work Cover. We also have trained mediators with us, and we can provide mediation for personal or workplace issues. Sometimes, these small matters can grow into things that require legal matters which can cause extreme discomfort for both parties.