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Stay Calm and In Control with Anger Management

Anger seems to be second nature in life—a necessary outlet when things don’t work out as planned. Although anger is a normal response to certain situations, expressing fury and violence even over simple situations can be alarming.

If you think you express anger in unhealthy ways, then don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. At Life Resolutions in North Melbourne, we understand that sometimes your anger stems from something deeper and with our help, we can help discover the real reasons why you’re angry all the time and how to help manage your anger better.

What are the Signs of Anger Management Problems?

Most of the time, it’s difficult to draw the line between anger management problems and normal expression of anger. To help you sort things out, here are some common signs linked to anger management issues that need immediate attention:

  • Accusing friends and family of going behind your back even if it’s not a reality.
  • Breaking and throwing objects during a heated argument.
  • Extreme frustration when things don’t turn out as planned.
  • Easily irritated and agitated
  • Punching objects as a way to vent out anger.
  • Reacting quickly and violently to simple issues such as a minor traffic jam and waiting in line for a coffee.

What can I do to improve?

There are simple methods that can help improve the way you manage your anger that you can use before your appointment with a trained professional. These include:

  • Be cautious before reacting.
  • Change your environment and opt to be surrounded by positive people, in a calmer atmosphere.
  • Express yourself and communicate your thoughts to other people.
  • Avoid triggers that cause you to feel and express extreme anger.
  • Let go of what is beyond your control, and focus on what you can.
  • Practice breathing exercises when you start to feel tense and angry.

How We Can Help You

Your anger might be triggered by several reasons—a recurring occurrence or a traumatic experience you had in the past. No matter what it is, Life Resolutions in North Melbourne is here for you. Our psychologists will work with you in finding out the root of your anger management issues. At the same time, provide coping mechanisms for you to manage your emotions better. We assure you that we only offer long-term solutions that are tailored-fit to your needs.

We understand that what you’re going through is different from all the clients we’ve worked with before, that’s why our approaches are specific and personalized.

Medicare Rebates

As part of the Australian Government’s “Better Mental Health Care” initiative, they offer considerable financial assistance to people with mental health issues. These rebates require a mental health assessment from the client’s GP and a referral from a psychologist.

Medicare rebates can help you with your finances when you use our services. If you’re eligible, you can get rebates after your session with us.

Take Back Control Of Your Anger

Anger is normal but when it starts to affect those around you, it’s time for you to do something about it. You don’t have to feel so angry all the time. Let us help you.

If you’re interested to know more about anger management and the services we can offer you to get out of this situation, call us today!

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