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Christian Counselling:

People who believe in God and follow Christian principles may also experience periods of spiritual darkness and loneliness often it can also be a part of a journey in life. Our counsellors are aware of psychological symptoms, theological values, and spiritual formation and will be able to discern the best treatment for our clients.

The Christian gospels give hope to everyday struggles and to broken people, but only after we can identify and recognise our brokenness. Here in Life resolutions, our clients are valued and they can enter into therapy, in in the midst of the pain and struggle. They will experience a restorative counselling relationship that can bring hope, acceptance, and meaning into their broken lives.

Total Wellbeing’s Christian Marriage Counselling is for you if:

  • Your marriage is in trouble and you want to feel closer to your spouse.
  • You are on the brink of divorce, or even in the midst of divorce proceedings.
  • You and your spouse live under one roof but are emotionally disconnected.
  • You’re currently separated and may have little contact with your spouse.
  • There has been unfaithfulness and/or an emotional affair.
  • You frequently have the same old arguments about sex, money, communication styles, parenting, step-families, extended family, friends, how free time is spent, religion, etc.
  • You have tried other forms of counselling that did not seem to work
  • You want counselling based on Christian principles and a strong commitment to saving the marriage.
  • You want practical, not preachy advice.
  • You want a guarantee that the time together will produce results

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