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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD may result from life’s experiences. It may follow after powerful one-off stressful experiences like accidents, floods, bushfires, crimes, or witnessing violence or death in any context. It is basically the brain and emotions struggling to make sense of shocking experiences – and the sudden apprehension of one’s vulnerability to dangers in the world.

Another, more gradual or chronic form of PTSD is Complex Trauma, which may follow on from intentional mistreatment by others, such child abuse, neglect, physical violence at home, or intentionally inflicted deprivation.

In PTSD, the human mind’s ability to process extreme, life-threatening fear becomes stuck and vulnerable, in that the sufferer keeps reliving the feared situation in the form of flashbacks, and/or by remaining stuck in a highly sensitised state of anxiety. Their “safety threat” and “fear” related emotions stay on full alert, too easily triggered off by sudden sounds, smells or perceived threats.

How can Psychological Counselling Help PTSD?

First, it is paramount that a person who has been traumatised feels safe with the counselling process. They must feel they can trust the counsellor to be sensitive to their needs and to be respectful, allowing the sufferer to go at their own pace.

Some traumatic memories may be too painful to return to, for a very long time. In the long run, it is the sufferer who will decide how far to go in retelling the experiences, in collaboration with the counsellor. The kind of things that may overwhelm one person to mention, may not have the same effect on another.

One of the signs of eventual recovery can be the gradual return of a more comfortable consciousness of self-awareness – the familiar stream of consciousness “voice” within – that may begin to feel gradually more and more released from the strict or tight controls of the traumatised thinking patterns in the brain.

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