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Counselling is the process of gaining insight or a deeper understanding of various issues by expressing your feelings and thoughts to a psychologist or trained counsellor. This can help you understand or resolve issues that have been causing you some distress.

Counselling sessions can help you gain a better understanding of how you think and feel, as well as how you can interact with yourself and others for a more fruitful life.

Psychologists are trained to study the science of mental processes and human behavior through research findings. All research is used to help people reduce stress and change ways in their behavior and thinking that bring harm to them. These methods will hopefully help facilitate self-awareness and a better outlook on life.

All Life Resolutions psychologists have at least four years of university experience. They have also completed two additional years of further education, or two years of supervision from a registered psychologist. Our psychologists who hold a specialist title such as Clinical Psychologist have completed at least six years of university education.

As such, our psychologists are trained in a wide variety of psychological therapies. They are capable of collaborating with psychiatrists and doctors as needed, given their clients know and provide consent to these methods.

Should it be required, we can write psychological reports for instances such as TACs, Work Cover, and court proceedings. These reports are charged separately and in addition to our psychological consultations.

These psychological reports can be requested for a fee which is charged additionally to psychological consultations. These are further discussed with you before the report is written. In addition, you will have to pay for the report in full before you receive it.

All psychologists here in Life Resolutions follow regulations as stated in the Psychology Board of Australia’s Code of Ethics. This means all of your sessions will be confidential and private. The information you share will only be used to help assess, diagnose, and treat your problems and allow us to develop means of the best support for you.

However, there are limitations to these rules. For instance, if there’s an immediate risk to you or people you know, or if your file has been subpoenaed, then we’re obligated to share your file.

Psychologists work by conversing with you, which means much of your first session will be about you trying to describe the problem you’re facing and why it led you to seek psychological counselling.

Life Resolution psychologists will tend to ask: “What brings you here today?” They often ask general questions about you and your current situation in life so they can start understanding how best they can assist you.

We offer day, evening and Saturday appointments. Practice hours are: 8am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 6pm on Saturdays.

We offer very reasonable rates for both counselling and group workshops. Concessions apply for health care card holders and pensioners. For further details on pricing, please contact our Client Relationship Team.

Yes. Life Resolutions provides Medicare and Private Health Insurance Rebates to eligible clients. To find out if you are eligible, contact our Client Relationship Team.

Rebates for Medicare and some private health insurers can be paid directly into your bank account at the conclusion of your session.

To seek more information about Medicare’s Easyclaim System, take a look at the Hicaps website.

Life Resolutions psychologists are capable of mixing and matching various kinds of treatment depending on the situation of the client. Life Resolutions psychologist will commonly use any or a few of the following methods: Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy and Systemic Approach Therapy. You can find out more about the therapies we use on the Types of Therapy page.