Cultivating Purposeful Action

Here at Life Resolutions, you will experience a kind of environment that cultivates life as purposeful action. You will see firsthand the actions and measures we take in order to make sure the way we listen, support, and guide our clients is our own way to show that life is indeed the application of appropriate psychological techniques, strategies, methods, and systems in order to affect change in our clients.

You will experience this firsthand thanks to our environment of safety, comfort, and privacy. We make sure the things that are said between you and your psychologist are yours alone, and that the program we provide you is yours to call your own. We make sure treatment programs we provide our clients are tailored to their needs, and as such we also ensure the kind of environment we provide is something that nurtures purposeful action on the part of our clients.

This is done through believing in the philosophy that life is purposeful action, which means life is truly meaningful when our actions hold some form of purpose. As psychologists, we find great pleasure, reward, and purpose in making sure we build and cultivate relationships with our clients that are allowing us to create a kind of positive change in their lives that will motivate and empower them to live their life to the fullest. Hopefully, this will also inspire them to make a positive change in others.

Our psychologists have a passion for building relationships and connections with everyone, and you will see this through our approach to your problems and woes. We  try to make sure not only do you get a means to cope with your situation, but techniques and strategies that you can use in the long term to understand why these situations happen, and what you can do in order to make sure these situations can form into positive situations on your end.

Assessing, Solving Through Evidence, Understanding

Here at Life Resolutions, you will see that we take our time understanding your particular situation in order to provide you with a program that is adequate not just for your situation, but your overall needs, wants, and goals. We understand that sometimes issues that happen to you can have a vastly different effect over the way you want to pursue your life, and we hope to be able to give you methods that can allow you to at least make a positive change and slowly regain control over your life when you learn how to cope with your situation.

As such, you will see the fruits of our training and experience as psychologists as not only do we carefully assess your problem, but we provide a trusting and safe environment for you to share your woes with us. Part of our client centred approach is to make sure we cultivate a good relationship with you before we tackle your problems wholeheartedly. It is through the spirit of collaboration are we able to properly get to to the root of your problems and hopefully make a solution that works not just for  today, but for the rest of your life.

We do this by making sure we get details and history correctly, such as gathering the appropriate information about your situation, the way you present your issue, and formulating our understanding and the appropriate therapy program that we believe would aid you cope with your situation. This form of intervention takes time and patience, but it’s fruitful in the long run, as we see our clients being able to make a positive change in their lives by making sure they get to pour in their own positive energies and strengths into the program we offer them.

When we assess, solve, and understand issues, we try to make sure we give our clients more than enough means to be able to see their situation through the eyes of someone empowered to conquered them, as that way, not only can they conquer their problems as well, but they may also be able to help others do the same.

Building Lasting Relationships, Methods Through Time

When you go to Life Resolutions for a consultation, you may find your psychologist as someone who may be familiar with your situation. This is because the kind of people we get in our team have experienced quite a myriad of issues in their own personal lives, which has helped them deal with the issues of other clients we have. Our demographic ranges from children, adults, couples, the elderly, and even entire companies. The problems they experience are quite different from one client to the next, but the care and value we put into helping them deal with these situations is the same.

In Life Resolutions Paramatta, we tackle quite a variety of issues such as the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders in adults, and even dealing with adolescent mental health. The latter we paid particular attention to because sometimes adolescents don’t know how to deal with their first episodes of depression, or sometimes when they have feelings of psychosis and self harm.

Our psychologists also have experience in a wide variety of situations that allowed them provide group and individual therapy to others, ensuring that there’s a kind of therapy that is fit for any number of people.

We also have an interest in relationships, families, and attachments as we further pursue the cultivation of relationships and connections with our clients. We believe that there should be normalcy in the tackling of issues concerning mental health, and we can do this by helping one client at a time. We do this by making sure we are equipped with the skills and training to help you be able to cope with issues such as anger, stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression. It continues to motivate us to see you reach a state of fulfillment as individuals, and it’s extremely rewarding for us to see you blossom as an individual and make a positive change to others.