Adjustment disorders

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Adjustment disorders occur when someone experiences anxiety and acts recklessly in response to an unexpected event or change. Here at Life Resolutions Parramatta we specialise in treating these disorders and helping you accept these changes.

Change is difficult. We can all experience a natural level of anxiety when these times of adjustment are necessary. However, someone suffering from an adjustment disorder will have abnormal, excessive reactions to these life stressors. These reactions can have a harmful effect on someone’s life. They can impair their ability to function in both a personal and professional environment. These emotional responses are considered as symptoms of the disorder and they will arise within three months of the change taking place. They can last as long as six months after these stressors have dissipated. These stressors can be single, recurring or continuous events. Single events consist of situations like starting a new job or going to a new school. Multiple events could be career difficulties or marital problems. While a continuous example would be the stress placed on a family who are living in a crime filled neighbourhood.

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