Depression is something people feel, and it’s a normal occurrence at different points in our life. Sometimes, depression can help us remind ourselves that some things can make us sad, anxious, and distressed, and that these are things we can cope with. Sometimes, however, depression can become too overwhelming that it can start to affect our lives in very negative ways. If this is the case for you, then do consider speaking with a psychologist. Life Resolutions Paramatta and our depression therapy program can help you alleviate these issues.

Depression: A Serious Issue

When we talk of depression, it’s not simply about feeling “sad.” Depression causes not just sadness, but loss of interest in various activities we previously like, withdrawal from others, or even possessing little to no energy. Depression is different from feelings such as lowered energy, grief, or sadness as depression carries with itself feelings of hopelessness that can trigger things such as suicide or not wanting to live anymore.

Unfortunately, stigma towards mental health issues that still exist today make a lot of people, and sometimes even their relatives and immediate family, feel some sort of embarrassment or shame when talking about depression. However, do remember that depression is something that happens often, and it occurs in a wide demographic consisting of people old and young, of all genders, of all nationalities, and of all social status.

Depression is not something that’s caused by being “weak” or being “flawed” in character. When someone is depressed, chances are, there are problems with certain activities in the brain that may be imbalanced. This is sometimes why professionals often associate depression as something that is triggered by life events that are stressful, or even related to genetics. However, depression can also be caused from out of nowhere, or without any reason.

Normally, depression dissipates over time, it is when depression that starts affecting your life negatively that it’s something that should be addressed.

Depression: How We Help

Depression treatment can be tackled in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes a combination of psychotherapy, counseling, and appropriate medication can greatly help manage depression. Sometimes lifestyle changes including good diet and fitness may also greatly help someone with depression. Our team from Life Resolutions will make sure the kind of treatment you get is not only adequate for your needs, but also the kind of treatment that is right for you.

Our strengths-based approach makes sure we tailor your treatment method based on your needs and goals, both long-term and short-term. We take into consideration the kinds of things you want to achieve in life and make sure the treatment program we create for you is something you can benefit from not just during our sessions, but in your overall life as a whole.

Depression is a normal part of life, and it can therefore be managed. If you feel as though your depression is overstaying its welcome, and if it’s affecting your life negatively, then Life Resolutions Paramatta and our depression therapy might be of some help.

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