Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is something that is not easy to handle, especially for those who have them. Sometimes, PTSD strikes from out of nowhere, and some of us don’t have a lot of methods to cope with the issue. Life Resolutions Paramatta and our PTSD program can help those with concerns about PTSD to find ways to cope with their disorder, and hopefully find ways to mitigate the issue and cope with them more efficiently.

Trauma: Something Serious to Discuss

Post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD is an impairment to the psychology and the physical body of a person that is normally due to a traumatic experience, or a series of potentially-traumatic situations. Trauma can sometimes lead to very severe forms of anxiety can not only affect a person’s life negatively, but it can be too overwhelming and overbearing that people sometimes tend to lose their ability to be able to cope with the challenges and joys of life.

In some situations, PTSD makes a person feel as though there’s something that is threatening their lives in some way, or something is threatening their security, or something is threatening their well-being.

When we talk of trauma or PTSD, they are often results of experiences ranging from abuse, accidents, natural disasters, or repeated situations such as neglect and abuse. The various range of possible sources of trauma make it important for those who have them to be able to have a support network that could help them cope, and perhaps talking with a professional can greatly help them solve their woes. Our team from Life Resolutions can help you in these woes.

Trauma: How We Can Help

Sometimes, emotions we normally classify as “normal” following a traumatic situation can be lasting sources of trauma. These include despair, sadness, anger, fear, or even anxiety. Some individuals find these emotions very manageable, and sometimes they do go away given enough patience and effort. However, sometimes these feelings can last not just for days and weeks, but for as long as months, years, or even decades. If you’re experiencing symptoms that last and can affect your life negatively, it’s sometimes clear that you need help and don’t hesitate to approach experts that could do so.

Symptoms we see as signs of trauma that need management includes:

Memories and flashbacks of the event that caused the situation, especially if they feel very real or “life-like.”

  • There are symptoms of something called physical anxiety, such as panic attacks, fast heartbeats, and sweating.
  • There are feelings where one is emotionally “dormant” or unfeeling.
  • There’s a tendency to avoid situations that makes the individual remember the feelings of the said event that may have traumatised them.
  • There are feelings of anxiety and irritability without any apparent cause.

Having PTSD doesn’t mean you are damaged or you’re beyond help. Sometimes dealing with PTSD simply takes a bit of time and patience to accomplish. Life Resolutions Paramatta understands this, and our team of psychologists are there to give you the assistance you need.

Where is Our Post traumatic stress disorder Service Located?

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