Psychologists are the ones trained and experienced in researching and studying about the science of behaviour among humans. They study the way the brain works and how it affects the body, especially when circumstances arises that generate different forms of responses from our body.

They study the way all of these things, internally and externally, affect our well being, and as such they are the ones capable of helping steering our lives to a positive direction should we need the assistance.

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, however, psychologists have to take at least four years of university study, and two more years in their specialisations and other fields of study. Our psychologists here at Life Resolutions make sure they take up special classes in their own fields, and that they get the training and experience needed to make sure the therapy methods, techniques, and strategies they encounter are fit for our clients’ needs.

When we talk of counselling, it’s generally what you expect: you will sit with a psychologist and talk about your issues. Some media portray this as something people with intense mental health issues do, but counselling is a normal thing to do and it’s very recommended if you have woes and concerns you may need help assessing or understanding. Counselling is the process of talking with a psychologist or a counsellor about your feelings and thoughts. The goal of the process is to help you gain new insight about your situation, possibly solve a problem, help find better ways to cultivate relationships, or even be able to cope with situations of distress.

A lot of people can take up counselling, including families, groups, couples, and individuals of different age groups, genders, and social status. Counselling chooses no one, and it doesn’t choose problems to tackle.

Since counsellors aren’t part of the people involved in a particular situation, they are some of the best people to talk about regarding your issues. Their insights always come from a friendly and neutral point of view, which allows you to see another perspective from the eyes of someone that is outside the situation in general. It’s important to remember that counsellors don’t generally tell you what you need to do, but rather help you get clearer insight on what the situation and lead you to the kind of move you want to make in order to make a positive change in your life.

You can get as many sessions as you please, as our client centred approach means you get to dictate much of the progress of your therapy with us. You are free to stop and resume your therapy at any given time, as we understand that you don’t always have the time and resources to meet with your psychologist. Some of our clients tend to have sessions that last a short while because they need short term solutions, while others go to us periodically for consultations especially if they want to build long term change in their lives. The amount and depth of your consultations will likely depend on your situation, and what you and your psychologist have conversed about.