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Anger Management

If you feel that you are “losing it” too often, then don’t wait any longer for help. Contact Life Resolutions about the services we offer for anger management counselling in Pascoe Vale today.

It is said that anger is not the first emotion we feel in response to a situation. It is likened to the tip of an iceberg, in that underneath are a host of other uncomfortable feelings such as loss, hurt, fear, sadness and helplessness.

It is natural to feel angry, but it is when the anger is unchecked and explosive, or if the anger is repressed and comes out as sulking and nagging, then the welfare of self and others – not to mention property – is impacted.

Anger in itself is not invalid. It is telling us that we are not feeling ok about what is going down around us. It is what we do with this information which can go wrong.

How We Can Help

At Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale, we run both group seminars and individual anger management counselling sessions with qualified psychologists.

Our counsellors can teach you to express your emotions in ways that don’t leave you or others feeling shattered. When communication of strong feeling is expressed in a way that others can listen to, receive and respond to, then we build healthy relationships in which our needs are better met.

We will help you to understand the triggers of your anger, its underlying causes, and give you practical skills to handle it in a controlled and effective way.

Group Seminars

We run seminars to help you:

    • Identify the build of anger and the point of “explosion”.
    • Learn practical skills and strategies of managing your anger and upset.
    • Have group support to share experiences and rehearse your growing skills – you are not alone.
    • Have access to your group leader and a Registered Psychologist.

For detailed information on the dates and costs of our anger management course, please contact our Client Relationship Team.

To book an appointment for anger management counselling, call us on 1300 668 256.

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Where is Our Anger Management Service Located?

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To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256