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Couples Counselling

Being part of a couple is not always easy. Relationships, even the best of them, can at some time become places of disappointment and unhappiness.

It is often thought that a successful partnership is about knowing how to make our similarities work for us and for our differences not to pull us apart.

This is a skill that most of us have to learn in order to negotiate some of the tension that arises in our couplehood.

The origin of couple conflict can be from external stressors such as financial difficulties or internal contributors such as poor communication and differences in values such as parenting.

Conflict is a normal part of human experience especially in close relationships and can lead to growth and understanding of each other, but it is the way we go about the conflict that determines the outcome into a healthy and happy relationship.

Is your marriage in trouble?

If you experience any of the following, your marriage or life partnership may be becoming or be unhealthy.

    • You and partner are constantly  arguing without any resolve
    • One or both members of the relationship are experiencing feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness about the relationship.
    • You are spending more and more time apart. What’s more, you don’t want to be spending time with each other.
    • There is obvious ill-will towards each other and a lack of affection
    • One party is or has been in an extramarital affair(s)

Counselling can help

By talking to a couples therapist sooner rather than later, when your issues first arise, helps move you to a better chance of positive resolve.

Working with a professional couples counsellor gives you an understanding of what each of you has brought into the relationship in terms of expectations, values and how to do marriage.

You will discover new ways to explore and redevelop your communication, conflict resolution and decision making styles so that you are listened to and fully understood by your partner.

This is done in an affirming, non-judging and supportive way by your therapist. A wonderful outcome from your couple therapy work can be the rekindling of romance and the strengthening of your trust and bonds with each other.

If perhaps you have come into the counselling rooms too late and there has been too much damage done to your relationship that can’t be repaired, then your therapist will again support you in understanding the state of your relationship, the best way forward for you and how each of you can achieve the wind-down of your relationship.

The therapist can provide practical mediation for you in the form of finances and family law issues concerning the children.

We also offer couples and partnership workshops that are run several times a year.  Feel free to ask about our Prepare /Enrich® services that can help you to fine-tune your relationships no matter what stage of togetherness you are in – either thinking about going to the next level of needing to reconnect in the midst of all your busyness.

Prepare/Enrich® is the leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used nationally and internationally.  Built on a solid research foundation and proven to significantly improve a couple’s relationship, Prepare/Enrich® is custom-tailored to a couple’s relationship and provides a couple of exercises to build their relationship skills.

A must for everyone whatever stage and state of your relationship.

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