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Depression Counselling

Our natural mood cycle can have us experience highs and lows – it is unrealistic to expect we will be in a state of bliss and contentment all the time. However, if feelings of a low mood continue unabated and worsen, it could be a symptom of clinical depression. Counselling in Pascoe Vale with Life Resolutions may be of assistance here.

How can I tell if my mood is of concern?

If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, it’s time to talk to a professional.

    • Constant and powerful negative thoughts
    • Feeling helpless over your emotions
    • Constant feelings of emptiness or sadness
    • Feelings of hopelessness
    • Feelings of guilt and worthlessness
    • A lack of energy and frequent tired periods
    • A lack of interest in previously enjoyed activities
    • Increased indecisiveness and poor concentration
    • Feeling sluggish, or having body aches or slow movement
    • Significant weight loss or gain and changes in appetite
    • Sleep problems such as insomnia or hypersomnia
    • Recurring thoughts of death and suicide

How can I get help?

If you and/or others close to you are concerned about your mental health, please remember you are not alone and help is at hand. At Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale, we offer depression counselling with experienced and qualified psychologists, who can help you to understand and manage your mood by using proven treatment therapy such as ACT Mindfulness and CBT.

We also offer group workshops several times a year. Depression is not something to be endured, you can have a life that is healthy and happy.

Early diagnosis and treatment are best; if left untreated depression can lead to a host of chronic illness.

To book an appointment for depression counselling, call us today on 1300 668 256.

You may be eligible to receive a Medicare Rebate – click here for more information.

Where is Our Depression Service Located?

We are conveniently located .

To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256