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Family Counselling

Families are great places to be when everyone is supportive and gets on, and if life in general is going smoothly for one and all. But there is so much that is difficult to handle about life’s stressors, particularly when it is happening to us as a family group.

What should be a place of comfort and nurture can be a place that adds to life’s problems. It is hard to negotiate separation and divorce, blended families, adjustment to children arriving and leaving, children misbehaving, to name just a few. Not to mention coping with physical and mental health issues of family members.   Even the best family units may need help with these issues.

Why attend Family Counselling?

    • Changes in family structure such as divorce or re-marriage
    • Behavioural problems with family members, including difficulties with adolescence or an aging member.
    • Family conflict arising from competing demands on scarce resources
    •  A difference in values including sexual orientation
    • Sibling rivalry and conflict
    • Living with a person experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anger, substance abuse or schizophrenia
    • Managing the complexity of a relationship with a disabled family member
    • Issues arising from the adoption of a child

A Family Psychologist can help

.A family therapist works to maximise the strengths that are within the family for them to become cohesive and supportive of each other.

This involves enhancing effective communication between the family members, building on their good will towards each other and facilitating safety and trust. The psychologist does not take sides but can suggest a range of coping strategies that work

The earlier you see a family psychologist during times of significant change, the more likely it will be that they can help.

With the exception of situations where there is a risk of child abuse or a threat to someone’s life, all counselling is confidential.

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