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Life Issues

Life, it turns out, can be harder than you think. Some of the major milestones that in your younger days you thought would just happen automatically for you, may not have eventuated – or if they did, may not have fulfilled that early promise. Things like finding a life partner, having children, or working in a job that feels right for you.

Sometimes people have achieved many things, yet feel let down, still somehow missing some component they feel they need to make their life happy.

There are three kinds of happiness that the positive psychology movement has identified (Seligman, 2002).

  • 1. Simple pleasures and feeling good (fun times, sex, travel, experiences, often enjoyed in the moment).
  • 2. Becoming engaged in activities that are interesting, satisfying and absorbing, either as work or a hobby (sot that time passes quickly while you are engaged with them).
  • 3. Living a life centred around meaning and contribution, in particular becoming involved in a project or cause that holds great meaning for you (working for something greater than oneself).

Ideally, most of us would benefit from a mix of all these forms of happiness. For each person, that particular mix will be different, depending on what appeals.

Let us help you review what you really want in life, and help you move towards those goals that best suit your values – incorporating more fun, more interest, and more pursuits that are meaningful for you.

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