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Specialist Couples Counselling

When you are married or living with a life partner, the quality of your relationship has a huge impact on how you start out to face each day of your life. A happy relationship can be a safe haven, a springboard into the world each day, but an unhappy relationship routinely undermines happiness, polluting your day with frustration, distrust, hurt and disappointment.

Whether you are in a new relationship, or have been together for decades, couples counselling (what we used to call marriage counselling) can do much to help revive relationships in trouble – whether it feels “stagnant” or overtaken by turbulence and anger, or threatened by an affair.

Couples often have very familiar patterns or sequences in the way their arguments or disagreements start, develop, and resolve (or not). Part of the work of couples counselling, or marriage counselling, is to look carefully at those “scripts” with you, and help you find new ways to think about them, or change them, in order to bring about different outcomes.

Our aim is to help you see things from fresh perspectives – in relation to yourself and your partner – as a deeper understanding of some of the dynamics in your relationship can often generate a new, more compassionate understanding of each other.

The marriage counselling (replace “marriage counselling” with “couples counselling” alone here please) process can also include such things as learning more effective listening and communication skills (each of you tailoring your style to better suit your partner). However the main thing is learning to see your relationship and each of you in it, with new eyes. More savvy about what will work and what won’t. And with a greater sense of being a member of a valued team.

Why do we call it “couples counselling” these days, rather than “marriage counselling”?  Because it is more inclusive – many couples are not married, and we also see many gay and lesbian couples in couples counselling.

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