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Post-Natal Depression

Postnatal Depression can happen to many new mothers, and feel so very confusing because they have been eagerly awaiting the much longed for arrival of their child. It can strike and undermine your confidence, commitment and enjoyment of the building of your relationship with your baby.

When is it not the “Baby Blues”?

Even though the “Baby Blues” that strikes on day 3-4 is fairly common and a result of hormonal swings, post natal depression is far more debilitating in its severity and effects.

Clinical Postnatal Depression can occur anywhere from a few days to a few months after childbirth with a gradual or sudden onset. The symptoms of Postnatal Depression include:

    • A lack of confidence
    • Feelings of inadequacy or guilt (especially after a difficult delivery)
    • Feeling that life is meaningless or hopeless
    • Feeling that you are unable to cope
    • Tearfulness or irritability
    • Difficulty sleeping or changes in sleeping patterns
    • A sense of not bonding with your child
    • Loss of appetite
    • Anxiety, panic attacks or heart palpitations
    • Poor concentration or difficulty remembering things

The exact causes of Postnatal Depression are not yet fully understood however the enormous physical, emotional and social changes involved in becoming a parent seem to play a significant role.

Psychological treatment is the most effective way of treating postnatal depression. Psychological treatment can help by:

    • Challenging  negative thoughts, perceptions and emotions
    • Adjusting self- expectations
    • Preventing a relapse into depression
    • Mediating current stressors so that life becomes more balanced and doable.

If you or someone you know is showing signs of Postnatal Depression it’s important to seek professional help. Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale has qualified Psychologists who are experienced in sensitive in Post Natal Depression support.

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