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Relationship Counselling

Have you ever wondered that the closer our relationships are, the more opportunity there is for frustration, unmet expectations and discontent?

We want and need relationships that work and are places of delight, but can find ourselves snagged in tensions and lack of resolve.

Whether it is with family members, friends, work colleagues or life partner, there can be times relationship problems just don’t go away.

What causes relationship problems?

There are various reasons relationships can break down. Common causes include:

    • Poor communication skills
    • Unrealistic or uncommunicated expectations
    • The need for intimacy and support
    • Competing needs and priorities
    • Sense of rivalry
    • Financial stresses
    • Change, even positive change
    • Stressors such as life change and goals

What can be done to help my relationship?

At Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale, we offering relationship counselling services that help individuals and couples develop the skills and awareness they need to build resilience, effective communication, and resolve differences.

The goal is to ensure positive and fulfilling relationships. This can be done either as an individual, a couple or in your group. It is sometimes enough to just come in as an individual and have a non-judging listener.

Your therapist can support and guide not only the skills needed to successfully negotiate sticky relationships but can help your decision making regarding the long term success of your relationship.

It may be that your therapist identifies that it is time to focus on your emotional needs and you will be given tools to do this.

To make an appointment to see a relationship counsellor in the South East Sydney region, contact the Client Relationship Team today on 1300 668 256 to make an appointment.

Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale also offers relationship counselling workshops such as “The Best Way To Have A Fight”, “What About Me? – How to Be Assertive” – contact us directly for more information.


Where is Our Relationship Advice Service Located?

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