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Weight Loss Management

Are you losing your way on the long path to weight loss? Counselling in Pascoe Vale with Life Resolutions can help put you back on track.

We all want a healthy, fit and great looking body, whatever our size and shape. Certainly, our confidence and bounce through life can be affected by how we look and feel. Extra weight impacts our physical and emotional health. Depression, anxiety and low self-esteem often burden those of us who struggle with our weight. We may feel out of control because we are cycling in a pattern of yo-yo dieting and bingeing, and food and food cravings seem to dominate our lives. That is when we need help to break this pattern.

Is it time for you to seek help?

In individual weight-loss counselling sessions, our therapists in Pascoe Vale will help you to understand the emotional needs that are driving your relationship with food. Quite often food is our management or self-calming strategy that soothes us.

Your therapist will assist your discovery of your internal needs and how they can be met in healthy and supportive ways. Getting a handle on understanding any of our behaviours is the first step to mastery.

We can also help with setting weight-loss targets and physical fitness goals that are achievable. Your therapist will also explore issues of self- esteem development. It is important to look at weight management as a holistic approach that ultimately gives you empowerment.

In response to growing demand, Life Resolutions Pascoe Vale offers an exciting but challenging Weight Escape 7 Week Boot Camp. This group experience helps an individual explore and adopt psychological skills and strategies sourced from the ACT Mindfulness model for getting the health and body you want for the right reasons.

It is a powerful but supportive training time with the guarantee that there will not be a kilojoule counter, diet plan or scales in sight!

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Where is Our Weight Management Service Located?

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