Jodie Brenton – the Story of Life Resolutions’ Director and CEO

Since 2001, Jodie Brenton has dedicated her career to changing the mental health industry in Australia for the better. Jodie continuously works hard to stay at the forefront of innovation in professional services. She is frequently on the lookout for better ways to support psychologists and mental health practitioners to contribute to the delivery of high-quality care to clients across Australia.

Jodie Brenton’s passion for mental health

Jodie has a deep and personal understanding of the importance of mental health, with mental health having had a significant impact on her life, and the people closest to her. Her personal experiences with mental health fuelled her determination to make her businesses a success. Jodie understands that mental health impacts everyone in one way or another, this reinforces the belief that “we need to demystify psychology and break down the barriers to helping people”.

Working with Jodie Brentonjodie brenton

Jodie is known among colleagues and employees as a compassionate, caring and highly empathetic leader, with these qualities giving her the ability to inspire and move people to come together and achieve success in the face of adversity. Everything Jodie does is centred around helping people. She works to provide the Life Resolutions team with the skills and tools needed to provide the best mental health care.

One of the biggest challenges Jodie has faced in her career is helping educate the industry on the importance of commercialising the thinking to deliver better quality services and care.

Listening, learning, and improving have been the essential skills that have allowed Jodie to achieve what she has in her work with Life Resolutions and in her own life. In the face of opposition, a focus on these qualities has allowed her to keep a very ‘human’ and ‘people first’ approach in an industry that is centred on caring for people.

Anyone who has worked with Jodie knows that she is extremely hard working and expects her team to follow suit. She is also known to be very approachable, and always knows how to lighten the situation, have a laugh, and can understand when it is time to take a break and recharge.

Jodie Brenton before Life Resolutions

Prior to her partnership with Mary Magalotti, Jodie worked in the Australian media and entertainment industry, accumulating a diverse business acumen which later supported her in her role as Director and CEO at Life Resolutions.

Jodie Brenton’s involvement at Life Resolutions has been multi-faceted and has required her to apply a diversity of skills, abilities and thinking in order to continue and maintain forward momentum.