When we talk of mental health issues and concerns, we sometimes can’t help but think whether or not we’ll be judged negatively when we share these concerns with our friends, relatives, or colleagues. This fear is unfortunately part of the reality surrounding mental health issues today, and this is a reality we at Life Resolutions Preston want to change with our client-focused approach. Our team of psychologists are more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

We understand of course that just because you’re living in Australia doesn’t mean you’ll immediately come to us for a consultation. We understand that wanting to open up about your concerns is an extremely personal issue. However, while you’re contemplating, you are free to explore this website to learn more about Life Resolutions, especially who we are and what we do. This page in particular elaborates on just how our client-first approach works in order to ensure our clients benefit the most in our processes.

Life Resolutions is an Australia-based care provider that specialises in providing care and therapy for clients of all sorts of backgrounds who have issues and concerns that have a negative impact on their lives. Our methods include research-based and evidence-based principles and concepts that we adapt to the needs of our clients, resulting in sessions that not only help alleviate our client’s concerns, but also give them a breath of fresh air as they see that there is in fact a way past their issues.

Equipped For Your Needs

Our team at Life Resolutions Preston is composed of psychologists from different fields, expertise, and experiences. This means that, despite your issues, we may have a qualified professional available to assist you with your concerns. Our experience with a variety of therapeutic and counselling techniques allows us to take a more client-focused approach to tailor the most suitable and efficient support you desire

Our non-judgmental, understanding, caring, and empathetic approach allow people who come to us to feel much more comfortable and safe with us. Although we understand that some clients initially feel ashamed or embarrassed at first, our office here at Life Resolutions Preston strives to provide them with an environment they can feel safe in.

Our client-focused approach allows us to formulate plans that are fit for your situation, and we work with you collaboratively to find the best therapeutic strategies for your specific circumstances. Our passion in our craft allows us to not only be dedicated, but also to help give you that extra layer of assurance that we’re definitely willing to help you deal with your issues while you’re with us.

Common Vision For Care

Our team here at Life Resolutions Preston have a team-wide vision: to be able to provide care and efficient strategies to help our clients tap into their strengths as individuals. We treat our clients with positive regard, utmost respect, and confidentiality, regardless of their issues. Using our collective experience as psychologists, we find ourselves capable of dealing with a lot of issues in our practice.

We fully understand that our clients may feel hopeless, embarrassed, or shameful that they have the issues they have. However, we want our clients to realise that they’re not alone in experiencing their problems regardless if it’s addiction, depression, OCD, or even personality disorders. Our approach aims to make sure we equip them with the means to manage these issues and have a more positive outlook on life.

We believe that problems exist to be managed, and our wide range of experience in a wide variety of mental health issues allows us to work with clients and empower them. Our skilled psychologists can help them find a way to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones as well. We understand how some mental health issues can be too overwhelming to bear for some, but we also believe that no issue is unsolvable. With a little change in habits, frame of mind, and communication, we can find ways to help you manage these issues and potentially even solve them in the long run.

Reach Us Now

Booking your appointment is extremely easy, and our Customer Relationship Team will be guiding you for the rest of your journey. Worry not as we will connect you with a therapist to suit your needs, and we’ll be working hand in hand for your new journey towards a more fruitful life.

In fact, you have nothing to worry about as your assigned psychologist will personally get in touch with you after we book your first session. They will introduce themselves and confirm the schedule of your appointment. They will also answer some questions you have about your first session.

This will hopefully begin the process of acquainting yourself with your therapist, as they will be helping you grow when it comes to your personal problems. We only aim to give you the best possible treatment, and we will work together to ensure you will be able to develop the skills to have a more positive outlook in life.

Our office is conveniently located on Sydney Road with the entrance easy to find situated in Page Street Plaza. Our accessible office is one of our ways to give you that extra layer of assurance that we are driven by our desire to make sure our services are catered to your needs, and as such we try to be as accessible as possible to our potential clients.

We have ample parking behind the building on Russell St., and you can easily access our office through the Coburg train station and the Route 19 tram.

If you are having difficulties, or if you have other concerns you’d like to clarify, feel free to make an appointment with Life Resolutions Preston to help take that first step that could be the start of a life-changing journey. Our customer service representatives are more than willing to assist you with your needs. You can call us today at 1300 668 256.