Adolescent Mental Health

Who said this is the best time of your life?

So everyone says “This is the best time of your life?” You must be joking? Transitioning from childhood to adulthood for some kids can be smooth-sailing. But for many – it can be a time of extreme frustration, stress, feeling misunderstood, conflict, self-doubt, fitting in and even despair. It’s a time in which there is often an expectation for a teenager to behave like an adult despite the reality that their life skills are still maturing and they are not necessarily equipped to take on more adult responsibilities, relationships and thought processes.

Adolescence can be a VERY difficult and lonely time for some. Navigating a maze of peer, intimate and family relationships, schoolwork and/or part-time work, social-life, sexual identity, career choices and hormonal changes (and resultant mood swings) can result in depression, anxiety, anger, family conflict, poor self-esteem, drug or alcohol addiction, eating disorders, withdrawal and self-harm behaviours.

Screaming matches, defiance, missing school, physical violence, drug/alcohol abuse, poor academicperformance, avoidance or self-isolation are all symptoms of adolescent mental health problems.

Or perhaps you are the parent of an adolescent experiencing some of these symptoms?

Perhaps it’s time to get professional help?

Please – can someone tell me this is only temporary?

Hopefully in most cases it is. But that also depends on how the conflict is managed. Adolescence is a crucial developmental period, during which patterns are set for on-going adult behaviour. Our therapists are very experienced in treating a range of adolescent mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, anger, relationship conflict, alcohol/drug problems, self-esteem, bullying and eating disorders using family inclusive practice, cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal-therapy, motivational interviewing, acceptance and commitment therapy, strength based approaches and positive psychology interventions, so that you can:

  • Increase your understanding of ‘being an adolescent’.
  • Improve your ‘sense of self’ and increase self-acceptance.
  • Strengthen your emotional resilience and ability to cope with changes.
  • Improve intimate, peer and family relationships.
  • Get connected with other specific support networks

Why choose Life Resolutions Preston?

With a range of psychologists at our Preston clinic, Life Resolutions can identify the most appropriate specialist for your treatment needs in a confidential, non-judgemental and empathetic evironment. Life Resolutions Preston is also conveniently located to Thornbury, Reservoir, Northland Shoping Centre, Coburg, Fawkner, Northcote, Heidelberg, Rosanna, Bellfield, Kinsbury, Bundoora

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Where is Our Adolescent Mental Health Service Located?

We are conveniently located Suite 401/398 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058 (entry via Page Street Plaza).

To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256