Anger Management

Sure, everybody gets angry once a while. There’s nothing to be worried about when your emotions spike into anger. This is a natural emotion – all your friends and family get angry, even your most influential celebrities and politicians, too! Different people get angry for various reasons. You might get angry for petty reasons like your pet shedding its fur everywhere and some might get angry due to more pressing reasons like missing the commute to work. Whatever the reason may be, it’s okay to be angry. It only gets alarming if one; you’re getting angry too often that you can no longer function at school or work; and two, if you usually destroy property or inflict pain to other people whenever you’re angry. If either one of these (or both) is already familiar to you, you might be having issues with your anger management.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

You might stray away from the idea that you do need professional help with your anger management issues. Consider the following signs and symptoms:

  • Behavioral Aggression: Whenever you’re angry, you tend to have road rage or drive dangerously. You also break everything you get a hold of in the house – like those old vases and porcelain plates. You admit you can’t control yourself when you’re angry and you do things which you don’t usually do. You only realize the gravity of your actions once you’re calm.
  • Verbal Abuse: You like to curse anyone you see whenever you’re angry, and most of the time, your partner has become your scapegoat. You usually browbeat and intimidate people around you, without thinking of how they would feel. You think that this is the most comfortable escape to let out steam.
  • Passive-Aggressive Behavior: You’ve been angry with your best friend for years now, and whenever there’s a chance for you to meet up together, you look for alibis to not attend. You don’t like confrontations, and you’ve been acting cold towards your best friend. Even if the fight was childish and went on for a long time already, you don’t care. You don’t have any intentions of making amends.
  • Retaliatory Anger: You want to get even to anyone who has harmed you, or to someone who has enraged you. It doesn’t matter if this was towards a family member and how you can do it, but you just have to. You’d want to seek revenge to make you feel better.

Are these behaviors no longer new to you? If yes, it’s best that you seek professional help immediately. You don’t want to ask for help when it’s already too late.

How Can We Help You?

Just because you don’t know how to manage your anger well, doesn’t mean that you’re helpless. With Life Resolutions in Preston, we’ll help you get through this stage in your life. We’ll work hand in hand with you to know more about you, and the situation you’re in right now. With this information, we’ll come up with solutions which are designed especially for you, so you don’t have to worry about it being too scientific or inapplicable to you – these are tailor-fit for your needs to guarantee your long-term recovery. Call today and book your appointment today and let yourself be stress-free. Call Today!

Where is Our Anger Management Service Located?

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