Career Counselling

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or a professional business person planning to change careers, deciding what to do career-wise is never a piece of cake. There are a lot of things to consider, and one small move could ruin your entire outlook in the corporate world – and you don’t want that to happen. To help you out, you seek for pieces of advice from your family and friends. You search through different online forums for people who have the same dilemma as you, but you just feel that these are still not enough for you to make that best career decision. This is probably the time that you seek professional help and sign yourself for career counselling.

Why is Career Counselling important?

If you don’t think that career counselling can help you in more ways than one, you might want to look at these benefits:

It will help you develop necessary skills for career success: Nobody’s perfect – even the most reliable job candidates have their flaws. Regardless of your educational background and career experience, there’s always room for improvement and career counselling can help you with this. Through counselling sessions, a counsellor can assess your strengths and weaknesses and use these to create a guide on how you can achieve your goals. The goals set are based on your skills – nobody would recommend you to become a nurse when you’re good at marketing, so don’t worry. Counsellors will teach you how to be assertive in getting what you want while ensuring that you’re being molded to become a professional. You’ll identify holes in your professional preparation and then come up with approaches on how to manage these.

It will help you with your job search process: No, the counsellors will not accompany you during an interview or find a job on your behalf. Career counselling doesn’t work that way. However, it will help you with the job search process by maximizing your search, how to improve your CV and what to prepare for an interview. If you’re already job searching, they’ll help by making the process more efficient and more transparent. If you’re thinking of changing careers, they’ll help you decide what you want to do and what the available options are for you.

It will help you clarify your career goals: You want to work but do you know in what industry? Career counselling can aid you in answering this question. There’ll be several discussions, and aptitude examinations during career counselling and all these tools will help make important career decisions. Counsellors will use these for you to better understand yourself, your principles and your interests. All of these will play a role in deciding which career is best suited for you.

How Can We Help You?

We understand how challenging your situation is right now. You don’t have to fret because here at Life Resolutions in Preston, we’re more than willing to work with you. We’ll work hand in hand to get to know you better so we’ll know how we could be of help to your career.

Our team is made up of trained psychologists who have handled similar cases like yours. With these experiences, we’ll guarantee that we’ll come up with long-term solutions, tailor-fit to your needs – yes, all of our solutions are made especially for you! Call today to book your career counselling appointment.

Where is Our Career Counselling Service Located?

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