Child Counselling

Your child has had odd behaviors in the past weeks. You can no longer see them playing outside with their friends, and they’re always sulking in their bedroom. This behavior has been going on for too long, but your child never told you anything about it. You’ve been trying to ask them what’s wrong but it hasn’t helped. You’re worried. Undeniably, you don’t want your child to hide away their emotions from you – you want to be able to help them, in any way possible.

If this has been recurring in your household, it might be time to seek professional help and encourage your child with child counselling. Child counselling is a great way to allow your child to talk to someone in an open and honest way. At Life Resolutions in Preston we’re here to help your child through any difficult time they may be having.

How Do I Inform My Child About Counselling?

Introducing the idea of counselling to your child can be very challenging, but it’s not impossible to do. You can follow these steps to ensure that everything will be going smoothly, even before the counselling even started:

  • Wait for a calm moment: Don’t tell your child they need counselling after you two just had a big disagreement. Chances are, you might say things that you don’t mean and might hurt your child emotionally. They might then lose interest in whatever you’re introducing them to. Instead, look for a calm moment and gradually inject the topic of counselling to them.
  • Identify the problem: Whether how silly or severe your reason is for counselling, inform your child about it. You want to guide them on what specific behaviors you want them to change. In this way, you’ll be creating a clear path of how counselling can help and determine if the counselling is successful.
  • Explain Therapy: Once they know that there’s a problem, tell your child that someone is willing to help them. Explain what the therapy is about and how a counsellor can help in this process. You can offer something like, “We’ve met this person last week whose job is to take care of your feelings. Dr. Michael is very nice, and he’ll comfort you with all the problems you have right now.’

How Can We Help You?

You want to be there to guide your child in everything that they do – always. We fully understand this notion that’s why we strive to ensure that your child only gets the best out of everything offered. Regardless of how old your child is or what they’re going through right now, we’ll work to create an avenue where they can openly air out their emotions. Through this process, we’ll better recognize what your child’s problems are and develop solutions for a more favorable behavior. You don’t have to worry because our solutions are made especially for your child; a solution which they’ll feel comfortable in doing.

We are a team of trained psychologists and we’re ready to help. Every approach injected into the process will be explained to you, as a parent, so you can guarantee that your child is in good hands with us. Call today to book your next appointment.

Where is Our Child Counselling Service Located?

We are conveniently located Suite 401/398 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058 (entry via Page Street Plaza).

To find out how we can help call today on 1300 668 256