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Children Need Help Too, Let Us Support Them

Common difficulties can be a big problem for children who are trying to cope with what life throws at them. Problems with children can stem from a number of different reasons.

Children who are having problems in their life may show signs of pushing boundaries, low self-esteem, and falling grades at school.

In life, children need to feel loved and accepted for them to truly enjoy life. Did you know that children too are susceptible to depression as much as adults?

Children don’t have to live with their problems. There is help available. You can help your child begin their journey to a brighter future.

Common Signs of Problems Starting in Children

  • School grades begin to fall from A’s to F’s in a very small amount of time.
  • They begin to show signs of low self-esteem and their confidence drops significantly.
  • There’s changes in the way they eat and in their mood.
  • They become more defiant and start to argue, push boundaries, and fight.
  • They become withdrawn from everyday events and situations that trigger the emotional response related to the problem.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Grade drops, mood swings and low self-esteem are very common things that signal there’s something wrong in your child’s life. They don’t have to go through it alone.

If you support and guide them in the right direction, your child has the ability to live a very happy and wonderful life.

The first step to helping your child is working out whether there’s a problem they don’t want to talk to you about.

The next step is approaching the subject in a positive way and understanding it’s a big problem to them.

The third step is taking control of the situation and getting your child the help they need through a registered child psychologist.

Children who receive child counselling become more confident and happier in life in a very short amount of time. Let them heal so they can move on in life.

How do Problems Start in a Child’s Life?

Different situations, factors and events can trigger emotional problems in a child’s young life. These factors and events include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bullying at school or other school related issues that is causing emotional distress.
  • Marriage breakdown that’s affecting the children in the home.
  • Witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event that has left a long lasting impression on their life.
  • Sexual or physical abuse that was done by a stranger or someone they know.

You child can have a brighter future when they receive professional help from a Life Resolutions psychologist. We’re here to help give the support your child needs through this difficult time.

Where is Our Child Counselling Service Located?

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