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Helping to Bridge the Gap Between Couples

Problems in a marriage can begin from a number of reasons, but over time can become large problems that are hard to get over.

When problems occur you may start to experience breakdown in communication, infidelity tendencies, and ongoing fights over small things.

Marriage is about working towards a common goal together as one. Did you know that cheating is one of the top reasons why marriages end in divorce?

By addressing the different issues together, you can overcome your marriage problems. You can make a positive change in your life for a happier married life.

Common Signs of Marriage Problems Occurring

  • You feel as if you’re defending yourself all the time.
  • There’s constant arguments over the same small things without any solution.
  • You’re both putting each other down constantly.
  • There’s no quality time being spent together anymore.
  • It’s difficult to open up and have an honest conversation.
  • Your partner criticises you and you regret your actions.
  • You don’t feel love or intimacy anymore between you and your partner.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Difficulty having honest conversations, putting each other down, and not spending quality time together are signs you’re having marriage problems.

Problems in your marriage don’t have to end in divorce. With help you can turn your marriage around and become one again. You have the power to make the change happen.

The first step to resolving problems in your marriage is for both of you to understand you have a problem in the first place.

The next step is learning what part you played in the downfall of your marriage. By understanding your part, you can make the changes to fix it.

The final step is getting professional help from your professional psychologist in Preston. With help from a psychologist you can heal your marriage as a couple.

How Can Marriage Problems Start?

Problems with your marriage can be triggered by different events and situations. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Abusing yourself and those around you with bad habits that affected previous relationships. These include addiction and abusive tendencies.
  • There’s issues from a past relationship that haven’t been closed.
  • You or your partner has cheated which has left resentment and trust issues in the marriage.

Marriage doesn’t need to end in divorce when problems occur. With the help of a Life Resolutions psychologist in Preston, you have the power to become whole again.

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