Relationship and Couples Counselling

You have numerous friends who struggled with their relationships. Some exerted so much effort that their relationship eventually worked out for the better; and there are also some, who chose to end it rather than working through their problems together. Those friends who have been successful in their respective relationships recommended you to try out relationship counselling. You know yourself that your relationship is not perfect either, so you decide to consider relationship counselling.

When Should You Seek Professional Help?

Sure, there are issues within the relationship which can be discussed between you and your partner. But when issues – such as these listed below – arise, it’s best to seek professional help to prevent worsening the problem:

  • Communication Issues: You no longer talk as often as before. You don’t know what’s going on with your partner because both of you don’t have the interest to chat. The moments of conversing while sipping a cup of tea in your living room are gone.
  • Premarital Issues: You two are planning to tie the knot next year. But have you discussed your finances when you’ll be married? How many children are you planning to have? What roles will the in-laws have in the marriage? Answering all of these questions are essential to ensure that your marriage will be fruitful.
  • Sexual Issues: You can’t remember when the two of you had sex. Your partner never initiates anything so why would you bother, right? You’re already used to sleeping immediately the moment the two of you touch the bed.
  • Digital-Age Issues: Whenever you’re home, your partner doesn’t bother to notice you because he’s too occupied browsing through his Facebook and Twitter. You’ve already pointed this out to him in the past, but there have been no changes at all. He continues to choose these social media platform than spending time with you.
  • Trust Issues: One small lie can ruin a relationship. And you can tell that trust is no longer present in your relationship. You always snoop around with your partner’s phone, you don’t allow them to go out with their friends anymore, and you don’t feel comfortable every time they hang out with the opposite sex.

How Can We Help You?

No matter what stage you are in the relationship right now, you would always want this to last for a long time. We understand this, and we’ll be here to help you achieve a positive and harmonious relationship with your partner. We recognize that no relationship is perfect and there might be some few bumps along the way. You don’t have to worry because here at Life Resolutions in Preston, we’ll be with you throughout the entire journey. We’ll work as your guidance counsellors and friends whose main job is to look after the betterment of your relationship.

Our team is made up of trained psychologists so you can guarantee that the solutions we provide you are from the experts. We’ll work hand in hand to get to know you better, and the situation you’re in right now. Our solutions are tailored-fit for you and your partner’s need. Call today to book your appointment.

Where is Our Relationships and Couples Service Located?

We are conveniently located Suite 401/398 Sydney Road, Coburg 3058 (entry via Page Street Plaza).

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