Men’s Mental Health

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The biggest killer of men under 45 isn’t cancer, or car accidents, it’s suicide.

Here at Life Resolutions Preston we believe we must start talking about men’s mental health. A study conducted in 2014 which examined men who were suffering from depression found that of those assessed, only 18% were open to talking about their feelings. 58% said they didn’t feel comfortable doing so and the remaining 24% said that they completely refused to get help. This is because men are raised to believe they must be tough, that opening up is weakness. This philosophy is not just inappropriate or outdated, its lethal.

This change isn’t just about those suffering from these illnesses, it’s about those who care about them too. Doing nothing, shying away, confirming the stigma… these things have consequences. Even though it might seem uncomfortable or weird, its vital that we notice the signs and learn to reach out. These signs could include an increased use of drugs or alcohol, neglect of exercise/nutrition, increased risk-taking behaviour, and withdrawing from social situations. If you see these in a mate then however uncomfortable it may be, it’s important to ask them if they’re ok and get them to talk to a qualified psychologist.

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