Dealing with Social Phobia

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Did you know that social phobias are the most common type of phobias? In fact, 10 per cent of the Australian population experiences social phobia in a lifetime.

Feeling nervous before or during delivering a speech or presenting a conference paper is quite normal. This is due to the feeling that we could possibly come under the scrutiny of others. Which can make us feel nervous or anxious. However, if being the focus of people’s attention leads to severe anxiety that you cannot control you are probably experiencing what’s known as social phobia. Suffering from social phobia can even make you feel embarrassed in everyday social interactions such as small talk or having a meal with friends.

Normally, a person with a phobia will tend to try to avoid the object that is causing them to feel irrational fear. However, avoiding social interactions can be quite challenging as it is very hard to function in the world without any human interaction. Consequently, social phobia should not be left untreated as it can have a great cost on an individual’s mental wellbeing.
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