Exposure therapy

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We tend to run from what we fear, but to be free we must turn around and embrace it.

For those experiencing anxiety and stress, or fear something as traumatic, life can become a cage. At Life Resolutions Ringwood we specialise in exposure therapy to help you break free.

Exposure therapy is a mental health treatment designed to make people face their fears. When we are afraid our natural instinct is to constantly hide from that which we fear. It could be anything too. Social situations, dogs, planes, bugs or heights are just a few examples. The truth is it’s different for everybody. What’s certain though is that if you want to be free you cannot run forever. The goal of this therapy is to let a trained psychologist create an environment emotionally safe enough for their patient to be exposed to their fears. Once they do this, they no longer feel the urge to avoid these situations. Leading to a life filled with a greater sense of both purpose and freedom. It’s important to understand the different types of exposure therapy. It’s even more important to remember that your Life Resolutions psychologist will have the expertise and knowledge to know which one is best for you.

Types of exposure therapy:

  • In vivo exposure – Directly facing the object or situation you fear (e.g. arachnophobes holding a spider)
  • Imaginal exposure – Vividly imagining the situation or object you fear
  • Virtual reality exposure – Using VR technology to embrace your fears
  • Interoceptive exposure – Deliberately inducing the physical sensations of the anxiety, and learning they are harmless


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