Hypnotherapy, have you ever thought about it?

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Have you ever thought about being hypnotised? What about if you knew it could help you with the anxiety attacks you’ve been experiencing every day for the past week?


The phrase ‘You are getting very, very sleepy’ is what most of us picture hypnotists saying as we drift off into a heightened state of consciousness. We picture it being part of a magic show or something we see on T.V. People are often unaware of the growing use of hypnotism within the mental health field globally. Its efficacy has shown great promise in helping therapists work through various types of problems and conditions their patients have been struggling to deal with.


Hypnosis is a state of consciousness where focused attention provides enhanced capacity to respond to a suggestion. For psychotherapeutic uses, we call the stream Clinical Hypnotherapy. If, for example, someone is struggling with addiction to tobacco, a hypnotherapist can tap into this problem while you are in a state of extreme relaxation, and help you decrease your desire to smoke. Both smoking and weight management have proven to have great results.

Hypnotherapy can also aid in minimising the effects of anxiety and physical pain.


Here at Life Resolutions Ringwood, our highly experienced psychologist, Isobel can help you tackle your issues head-on, by using clinical hypnotherapy techniques to give you permanent and positive results. You could be seeing improvements in as little as two sessions.


For more information about how our team at Ringwood can help by using hypnotherapy, please contact 1300 668 256 or visit: https://www.liferesolutions.com.au/ringwood/counselling-services/hypnotherapy/