Issues we help with

What motivates us to do this work?

All of our team share in common a deep interest in what makes us all tick.  We know there is more to the human condition than just the downsides. We just love being there to see the transformations!

We witness the journeys people make when they move out of the bad times and make a better life for themselves. It is rewarding to see people embracing change, and creating new paths in life with more satisfaction, vigor and inner peace.



How we work and what to expect:

We are well practiced at keeping an open mind as we listen to your story.  Our training (6+ years) helps us recognise some of the things that may be contributing to, say, anxiety or depression or relationship problems, and we will join with you to help you find the best possible way out of those problems.

We help you test-run new ways of seeing, interpreting or “being” that honour your underlying sense of self.  Together we generate options for change that you may have previously not considered, and when you are ready, we encourage you to take the first steps to a more satisfying life. Our goal is to help you follow your dreams and act in accordance with your most cherished values.


More about us

At Life Resolutions Ryde we have 6 practitioners: 5 highly experienced psychologists covering a wide range of issues and mental health concerns, and one psychotherapist/family counselor who sees mainly couples, families and teenagers in distress.

All of us enjoy getting to know you and deeply taking in your hopes, needs and concerns, before helping you to move in the direction that works best for you. Most members of our team have 10 + years of experience.


We are part of the Putney Village Health Hub in Ryde – a brand new medical centre, with a growing community of other health businesses supporting the local community. There are numerous cafes and coffee shops nearby, and we are right next to the Royal Rehab Centre.

Free parking is available in the surrounding streets, or limited parking is in the parking area behind our Medical Centre.

Open 8am to 8pm weekdays, and 8am to 4pm Saturdays.

To make an appointment, call 1300 739 514.