Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions

Jodie Brenton is the Director and CEO of Life Resolutions.  Jodie has a strong passion for helping people and has devoted over 20 years of her career to helping Australians to achieve improved mental health and wellbeing. As a business professional, Jodie has focused her involvement in the industry on supporting mental health practitioners and developing innovative structures and networks to be used in supporting the delivery high-quality care to clients and in improving the overall mental health outcomes of Australians.

Jodie Brenton’s passion for mental health

Jodie has developed a passion for psychology as a result of her own personal experience with mental health, and its impact on her loved ones. From these experiences, she formed a strong commitment to increasing the reach and quality of care of mental health services in Australia – which is the main focus of her work with Life Resolutions.

“We need to demystify psychology and break down the barriers to getting help for people”.

Jodie understands that adverse mental health is an experience that everyone goes through at some point in their life and is an advocate for the need to tackle the taboos and barriers stopping people from receiving the professional support they need.

Working with Jodie Brentonjodie brenton

Among those who have worked alongside Jodie, she is renowned for being highly empathetic, caring and compassionate. It is apparent that everything she does in her business decisions is centred around helping and providing support to people.

In her business relationships, she focuses on always listening, learning and improving; three essential skills that Jodie has utilised to start and grow the Life Resolutions business. With a focus on these three elements, Jodie has withheld a ‘human’ and ‘people first’ approach in her work, which is integral in an industry focus on helping people through mental illness.

If you are ever to work with Jodie, you will see for yourself that she is a hard worker and expects her team to share her level of commitment and motivation. On top of this, she is also known to be very approachable, and always able to lighten up a situation when needed and knows when her team is in need of a break to refresh.

Jodie Brenton and the beginnings of Life Resolutions

Jodie Brenton had a thriving career prior to her work with Life Resolutions; she worked in the media and entertainment industry, where she was able to develop a diverse business repertoire that she regularly utilises in her role as the Director and CEO at Life Resolutions alongside her business partner Mary Magalotti.