Mary Magalotti Life Resolutions 

Mary Magalotti has an immense amount of industry knowledge in both clinical psychology and the running of a business. Mary is a multifaceted and trusted psychologist and is known as a thought leader in the industry. She specialises in clinical supervision, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), stress management, private practice management, medical practice management, business relationship management, counselling psychology, psychological assessment, and working with adolescents and more!

Mary’s career began in private psychology practices in Melbourne, then in 2001, Mary joint forces with Jodie Brenton, and the pair worked together to found Life Resolutions, as we know it today.

Mary holds the belief that “the way we see the world affects the way we behave and the way we act towards others”. This is one of the key reasons for Mary’s commitment to fighting for mental illness to be taken seriously.

An important Life Lessons from Mary Magalotti’s 19 Years at Life Resolutionsmary magalotti

Having worked with Life Resolutions for over 19 years, Mary Magalotti has learnt many lessons on both life and the running of a psychology business, and one of these lessons stands out.

It’s all about the people.

Mary found that her relationships with her team, clients, and stakeholders were a crucial factor in the development and success of her business. From this lesson, Mary also realised the utter importance of finding the right people to join the Life Resolutions team, who shared this same people-centric sentiment and had the same passion for psychology. So, Mary developed a process to ensure she could always find the perfect candidates.

Mary Magalotti’s Candidate Selection Tips:

From her years of experience, Mary put together a list of her top tips to help other businesses in their own recruitment process.

  • Be clear on motivations

what are their reasons for applying to the role? Do these motivations align with your business?

  • Set expectations early

what are your expectations of each other in the business relationship? Ensure these are cemented through open communication.

  • Back up assumptions with proof

do not just rely on your instincts, use all of the resources available to you to gain proof of the best employee.

  • When in doubt, stick to the process

trust the process and do not settle, when the perfect candidate comes, invest in them.

Maintaining a strong level of open and honest communication plays an integral role in the success of a business partnership – so ensure you focus on these principles to create a long-lasting and trust-worthy team.