Addiction People often begin using alcohol and/or other drugs as a way of helping them to cope with difficult situations, physical pain, or emotional pain. For others, they may rely on gambling, sex, shopping, or

Anger Management

Anger Management Anger can be a normal response when we feel threatened, frustrated or if we feel that our needs are not being met. Usually, anger is not an issue. However, when we experience increased


Anxiety Feeling worried when we experience a stressful event in our lives is a common and natural reaction. However, when the stressful event passes and the feeling of worry remains, we refer to this continual

Child Counselling

Child Counselling Like adults, children experience difficulties and stress. Children often find it hard to identify stressors or express emotions, and this can lead to emotional overwhelm and unhelpful behaviours. Understanding, identifying, and coping with


Depression Feeling sad, down-hearted, or ‘blue’ is a very normal human experience and this is not what is referred to when we talk about depression. Sadness usually only lasts a short time and it is

Eating Disorder

Eating Disorders Eating disorders affect the lives of both men and women. Many may not be aware of the severity or impact until there has been a significant impact on the life of the individual.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling A family unit is a strong and supportive place for people to discuss their concerns with one another. With so much that life throws at us, it’s important to have someone to fall

Grief & Loss

Grief & Loss Grief can be an overwhelming emotion associated with the loss of something or someone you held close to your heart. Grief is associated with the expression of many other emotions including anger,

Sexuality and Intimacy

Sexuality and Intimacy It can be very difficult to discuss sex, sexuality, intimacy and relationships. Many people suffer in silence preferring to ignore or dismiss concerns of a sexual nature. Fundamental human sexuality encompasses biological,


Trauma Trauma generally occurs when someone has experienced an extremely stressful, life-threatening or life-changing event. It can be classified as multiple trauma’s, such as domestic violence, or a single incident trauma, such as a motor

Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues The workplace can be a very stressful place, especially if they’re prone to perfectionism and anxiety. Factors such as pressures to meet deadlines, making a good impression, or improving performance levels can result