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Anger Management

Anger can be a normal response when we feel threatened, frustrated or if we feel that our needs are not being met. Usually, anger is not an issue. However, when we experience increased levels of anger, difficulty ‘cooling down’, or express our anger in inappropriate ways, we may require skills to help us deal with the issue more effectively.

Physical symptoms usually accompany anger such as racing heart, shallow breathing, and tense muscles. In times of threat, this can help us prepare for the fight/flight response. However, if we are not able to control our anger it can lead to inappropriate behaviour such as screaming, punching, hitting, kicking or other threatening behaviours. People who experience difficulties controlling their anger often have problems with relationships and at work. They may experience high levels of guilt or remorse for their behaviour yet feel unable to control it.

Although anger can help us to get what we want in the short term, it does not usually provide a long-term solution. Learning to express your anger in a controlled way can give you the space needed to deal with the issues that have led to the anger arising.

How Counselling Can Help With Your Anger Management

Psychologists at Life Resolutions, Sunshine, can help you identify your triggers along with the warning signs that you are becoming angry. Raising awareness of your emotional and physical signals helps you to fully recognise what’s happening when the process starts. Recognising signals allows you the ability to make an informed choice about your response. The aim of anger management is to help you find more constructive ways to deal with frustration and provide you with the necessary skills to ensure you are in control of your anger responses.

Signs Of An Anger Problem

  • Punching objects such as walls to help relieve stress
  • Reacting violently and quickly to relatively small problems
  • Finding it increasingly difficult to calm your anger
  • Breaking objects out of frustration or anger, or to get your point across
  • Repetitive arguments with friends, family and/or colleagues
  • Regret about your behaviour after an outburst
  • Lack of sleep or an inability to fall asleep due to ruminating thoughts
  • Avoiding situations that might make you angry
  • Increased feelings of depression, paranoia, anxiety, and frustration

Overcoming Your Anger Problems

Overcoming your anger is achievable with help from our professional team of psychologists at Life Resolutions, Sunshine. We work with you every step of the way to help improve coping and appropriate emotional response. Changing the way you respond to frustration and anger can positively affect relationships and work productivity.

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