Jodie Brenton – the Story of Life Resolutions’ Director and CEO

Jodie Brenton is the Director and CEO of Life Resolutions and a well-known and passionate advocate for the improvement of the mental health industry in Australia. Jodie has devoted over 20 years of her successful career to supporting people to improve their mental health and wellbeing through her work with Life Resolutions.

Jodie Brenton’s passion for mental health

Stemming from her own personal experiences with mental health throughout her life, and the experiences of her loved ones, Jodie holds a personal commitment to improving the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians. This is the reason she first became involved in the industry and what led to her partnership with Mary Magalotti, and the foundation of the Life Resolutions business in 2001.

Jodie Brenton has worked hard, throughout her career, to improve the accessibility, affordability and quality of mental health services within Australia. She advocates for the serious need to demystify counselling services, to remove negative stigmas associated with mental illness and to encourage people in Australia to seek help when they need it, without fear of judgement holding them back.

“We need to demystify psychology and break down the barriers to getting help for people”.

Jodie Brenton’s many years of experience working in the mental health industry have allowed her to form a deep commitment to supporting psychology practitioners to do their best work. And with the partnership built between Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalotti, which focuses on improving private practice systems, administration, marketing and operations, this work is made possible.

Jodie is also an advocate for improving the accessibility of psychology services to all Australians, no matter how unique their circumstances may be. She contends that access to high-quality mental health services should be seen as just as integral and normalised as that of primary health services like hospitals and doctors. For this reason, Jodie Brenton has dedicated herself to destigmatising mental illness and working towards making a change in the Australian mental health industry.

Working with Jodie Brenton

jodie brenton

Anyone who has worked alongside Jodie knows her for her outstanding empathy, caring nature and compassion, as well as her intelligence and commitment to her mission. When working with her, it is evident that everything she does is done with the intention of helping and support others.

Jodie Brenton and the beginnings of Life Resolutions

Prior to Jodie’s career with Life Resolutions, she worked for a number of years in the media and entertainment industry. From her experiences in this career, she was able to develop a vast and diverse skill set and business repertoire that she utilises in her role as the Director and CEO at Life Resolutions.