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Life Resolutions-Is Couples Counselling Right for You?

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Arguments are bound to happen in any relationship, and most of the time, these disagreements are just an opportunity for both parties to express their frustrations and eventually come to a solution. However, conflict can sometimes become a defining force in the relationship. If you find yourself arguing with your partner more often than you talk to them, or the silent treatment has become a regular part of life in your home, couples counselling can help.

At LifeResolutions, our professionals have years of experience helping couples work through issues and achieve happier outcomes.

Couples Counselling at Life Resolutions

Our Life Resolutions team, including our Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti, and our CEO and Founder, Jodie Brenton, know how effective couples counselling can be for struggling relationships.

The team at Life Resolutions have many years providing skilled relationship advice and marriage counselling services to couples facing a variety of issues. There are many problems a relationship counsellor can help you with.

  • Do you argue with your partner about the same or similar issues often, but cannot seem to come to an agreement? A professional can help you get to root of the issue and find solutions.
  • Do you or your partner resort to unhelpful methods like snide comments or the ‘silent treatment’? A couples counsellor can help you argue in a more respectful and productive manner.
  • Do you still love your partner but cannot seem to recapture those feelings because of frequent conflict? A couples counsellor can provide suggestions for ways to bring back that hidden affection.

Mary Magalotti on Knowing When to End a Relationship

The team at Life Resolutions believe in working on relationships, but we also know there is never an excuse for abuse. If your partner is bullying you, you feel frightened of them, or they are abusing you in any way, it is time to end the relationship.

Reach out and get help from someone you trust or a professional. Life Resolutions counsellors also provide advice and support for individuals through telehealth or in-person services.

Contact Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions Today

Couples counselling at Life Resolutions can help you and your loved one learn to disagree effectively, work as a team, and find happiness in your partnership again.

You can book a Telehealth or face-to-face appointment here. Also, feel free to explore our website for more about our services.

Our Founder, Jodie Brenton, and our Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti, would love for you to learn more about their journey in the field of mental health services. You are also welcome to contact our team for more information on the work of Jodie Brenton, Mary Magalotti, and the rest of the Life Resolutions team.


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