Bipolar Disorder

Helping You Understand Bipolar Disorder Better Bipolar Disorder isn’t easy to live with and can be brought on overtime or suddenly depending on different situations in life. When a bipolar disorder begins you may experience

Child Counselling

Giving Children the Support They Need Problems can occur with children when they’re young. Without appropriate help, support and guidance, the problems that have been troubling them may continue to affect them when they become

Depression Counselling

Helping You Beat Depression Depression is a serious condition that can start suddenly but turn into a life long struggle that can be hard to overcome. When depression starts to occur you may feel an

Eating Disorders

Helping to Promote Health Eating Habits Eating disorders can come about from different traumas or negative exposure to bullying about weight. When an eating disorder starts generally you’ll experience the desire to purge, over-eat, or

Family Counselling

Giving Your Family a Second Chance to Heal The breakdown of a family unit can occur for one reason, but continue on for another. When family problems begin it can cause internal fighting amongst family

Marriage Counselling

All couples face challenges and rough patches. Things such as frequent disagreements, differences in values, suspicion or evidence of infidelity and financial pressures can all cause difficulties.

Mental Illness Help

Helping You Overcome Your Mental Illness Mental health problems occur more often than you may believe. They can come on suddenly or can be brought on across a period of time. When experiencing a mental

Postnatal Depression

Giving You a Second Chance at Parenthood Postnatal depression generally occurs after the birth of a baby, but can happen during pregnancy as well. When postnatal depression begins you may start to experience feelings of

Relationship Advice

Counselling can guide you to fulfil your relationships Everyone has relationships, they can start off great but do have the ability to become negative. It’s highly important to address any issues and challenges you may

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Sports psychology plays a role in maximizing the potential of athlete’s ability through gaining the needed confidence, consistency and focus. There are multiple different causes for seeing a sports psychologist. There are a

Workplace Bullying

Giving You Back the Control in the Workplace While starting from something small, workplace bullying can continue to become a major problem in your life. It can affect your ability to work and your self-esteem.