Giving Children the Support They Need

Problems can occur with children when they’re young. Without appropriate help, support and guidance, the problems that have been troubling them may continue to affect them when they become adults.

When children are experiencing stress and problems in their life, they may show signs of behavioural changes, changes to their eating habits, and self-esteem issues.

In life, children need to know they’re loved and accepted. Did you know that depression in adults, in some cases, has been brought on by child abuse in their past?

Children don’t have to feel alone. There’s always someone who will listen to their needs. You can start their healing process today.

Common Signs Children May Be Experiencing Problems

  • Their self-esteem drops and you may see their confidence wavier.
  • Grades are affected with A grades becoming F’s in a short period of time.
  • They become more defiant with those around them.
  • They may become withdrawn and start to avoid specific areas or people that trigger their stress.
  • There’s noticeable changes in their mood and their eating habits.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Low grades, fighting and a defiant attitude are all common signs that problems may be occurring in your child’s life. However, they don’t have to deal with their problems alone.

With your support, you can give them a great life by encouraging them to speak openly about their problems.

The first step to giving your child the life they deserve is by recognising there’s something worrying your child.

The next step is understanding that while their problems may be small to you, it’s big for them to deal with.

The third step is reaching out for professional help and encouraging them to speak openly with a registered psychologist.

Children who are holding onto their problems can benefit from child counselling. It can help them to overcome their problems and heal their hearts.

How Does Problems With Children Start?

Situations and events can trigger emotional responses for children who are having problems in their life. Some triggers may include:

  • Bullying from other school kids that may be ongoing.
  • Marriage or family problems which is affecting your child.
  • Traumatic events which have left a long lasting impression on them.
  • Child abuse that was caused by someone they know or from a stranger.

Encouraging your child to speak about their problems through guidance of a professional psychologist will help to give them the life they deserve. At Life Resolutions in Sydney, we’re here to help your child heal.

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