Helping You Overcome Your Mental Illness

Mental health problems occur more often than you may believe. They can come on suddenly or can be brought on across a period of time.

When experiencing a mental health problem, you may have symptoms of withdrawal from family and activities, mood changes, and anxiety.

When dealing with a mental health problem, it’s important to get help before it becomes hard to control. Did you know that mental health problems affect a large percentage of Australian’s each and every year?

You don’t have to live with mental illness. You have the power to get help and overcome your problems.

Common Signs of a Mental Illness Problem

  • Not enjoying the activities that once made you happy.
  • Withdrawal from friends and family.
  • Not being about to cope with daily tasks in everyday life.
  • Having trouble concentrating with increased confusion.
  • Thoughts of suicide with suicidal tendencies.
  • Lowered sex drive and lack of intimacy.
  • Excessive feelings of fear, guilt or worry.
  • Excessive mood changes from highs to lows.
  • Increased drug use and alcohol consumption.
  • Difficulty sleeping, changes in sleeping patterns, and insomnia.
  • Detachment from reality including hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.

Your Approach to Getting Better

Excessive mood changes, increase in drug use, and detachment from reality are all very common signs that a problem may be present.

You don’t have to continuously live this way. There is hope and you have the strength to make the change in your life.

The first step to getting help is recognising and understanding that you do have a problem.

The second step is understanding that you can do something about it.

The final step is asking for help from a professional psychologist in Sydney. You can overcome your mental health problem. You can enjoy your life again.

How Do Mental Illness Problems Start?

There’s many factors, events, and reasons why mental illness may become a problem. Some of these reasons include:

  • Experiencing an event which was life-changing such as death.
  • Ongoing drug or alcohol abuse that has affected the brain.
  • A genetic history of problems with mental health that’s been passed across generations.
  • Problems with the brain chemicals not firing properly causing an inability to cope with stress.
  • PTSD which has caused continuous stress across the years.

Overcoming mental illness is possible with help. Let us help you take back control of your life again.

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