Counselling can guide you to fulfil your relationships

Everyone has relationships, they can start off great but do have the ability to become negative. It’s highly important to address any issues and challenges you may be experiencing within a relationship, be it family, friends, loved ones or your partner. It’s vital to feel comfortable in any relationship as a relationship offers support, love and care. A negative atmosphere around this can lead to physical, mental and emotional pain.

If you’re experiencing relationship issues, then you need to change that. The correct support and guidance will assist you in healing relationship problems, no matter how small or large.

How do you know if you’re experiencing relationship problems?

Relationships have their ups and downs. It happens, but pay attention to the warning signs and fix them before it becomes too much of a problem, here are some of the signs:

  • There’s a struggle when it comes to communication within the relationship. You find it hard to talk to one another or open up. There’s a certain feeling of detachment and a lot of conversations are emotional.
  • Conflict and arguments arise when it comes to daily household chores.
  • There is less intimacy within the relationship such as having a lowered libido, impotency and other physical ailments.
  • You are having financial problems
  • Big change causes problems and conflict. Such as following a new career path, moving abroad or the loss of a loved one.

How do you resolve your relationship struggles and continue with a happier life?

The very first step in this process is spotting, identifying and acknowledging the problem. It’s not always easy to admit there is a problem, or sometimes to even identify it. If you’re feeling bad about a relationship, discuss it with your friends, family and people you trust. They can help you to get a better understanding of the way you’re feeling. Once you have an idea of what the problems are, there are multiple avenues to take to start feeling better. One of these is seeing a psychologist, if you feel you require additional support. Counselling and support from a professional is designed to equip you with the correct methods in dealing with your issues and guide you forward towards a happier and healthier relationship.

You can go to counselling sessions with your partner, if you’d like. However, we have found, that many people that we have helped, benefitted from coming to the sessions alone, without their partner. It’s good to talk about the problems in the relationship and if it’s healthy to continue with it or not.

A counsellor has many different ways they can approach your individual needs. From cognitive behaviour therapy, solution-focused therapy to acceptance and commitment therapy, a solution will be found with a particular focus on behavioural patterns.

Taking action can be hard but if you’re suffering emotional, mental or physical distress due to a relationship, it’s important to be well equipped. Through using the correct strategies, you’ll be able to have a healthier and happier relationship once more.

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