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Perhaps the most rewarding part of being a psychologist is the realisation that we can make a major impact and positive change to someone’s overall well-being. This change can have long-lasting effects to our clients, and we find motivation to keep practicing whenever we see the change we help our clients achieve.

Our team at Life Resolutions in the Sydney CBD began small but is continuously growing. Our psychologists are well-equipped to counsel adults, couples, children, and families on issues they may be dealing with. We aim to assist them, and hopefully you, to meet the challenges you face head on and help equip you with the skills to improve your quality of life.

We see ourselves as facilitators that can inspire change in individuals. Our goal is to help you realise that you have the tools and skills within you that can solve your problems. We can help you reach your goals in an empathetic environment. No problem is too big or too small, and you may even find yourself just a few sessions away to the path of empowerment. However, if you want a long-term plan, we’re also capable of building an effective coping strategy for you.

We’ve recently joined the Life Resolutions National Network and are continuing to cooperate with various organisations and companies to provide support in the local community. We also liaise with doctors, lawyers, school counsellors, doctors, rehabilitation providers, and other professionals in the health industry in order for us to provide the best care and quality to clients.

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Our Approach

Life Resolutions in the Sydney CBD is composed of highly-experienced psychologists and counsellors that can provide various therapy and counselling to anyone who may need it. We believe counselling can help anyone going through difficult times at some point in their lives.

We want to help you realize that what you think is a never-ending problem can end up becoming something you can resolve in a matter of weeks or months. This is one of the most rewarding things we experience as psychologists, because we help you find a way to solve your problems.

Some may need a few sessions for us to help them resolve their personal issues. Some prefer long-term plans to better resolve deep-rooted or recurring issues. We can cater for everyone’s needs.

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About Life Resolutions

Our goal here at Life Resolutions in the Sydney CBD is to ensure your goals are met with the best kind of therapy fit for your requirements. Whether it's recovering from depression or addiction, relationship problems, or overcoming anxiety, we’re here and our skills are at your disposal.

We’ve helped many individuals from all walks of life throughout the years. Our psychologists have helped them cope with issues related to anxiety, anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, and even their relationships with other people.

We’re committed to find ways for you, our client, to gain peace of mind. Regardless of whether or not you're going through a crisis with family, friends, relationships, work, or with yourself, you can rest assured that there's someone in our team that is capable of helping you resolve these problems and lead you down a new path to recovery.