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With so much uncertainty in the world, our fellow Australian’s need mental health support now more than every. With this growing demand, we are looking to bring a few more team members onto our team. As the needs are so broad we are recruiting for a provisional psychologist job in Melbourne, a registered or clinical psychologist job in Melbourne as well a a Telehealth psychologist job Australia wide.

We offer attractive and flexible employment conditions for individuals who share our business principles and enthusiasm for helping people to improve their lives.


Welcome To Life Resolutions Paramatta

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Our director Jodie Brenton and Life Resolutions Tullamarine believes that life is all about purposeful action, and our purpose is to help show you that you can make a great change in your life through using your strengths to create purposeful action you can call your own. Your techniques, therapy, strategies, and methods that you will encounter here at Life Resolutions will be yours to keep, and our client-based approach is surely something that you can benefit from. Through this focus on life as purposeful action, our psychologists keep a close eye on listening, supporting, and guiding our clients – and possibly you – with psychological techniques will help affect change.

You will receive only the best in care from our psychologists as we strive to cultivate positive relationships with our clients. We find great reward and purpose whenever we see our clients making a positive change in their lives as we’re seeing their lives being purposeful as well. Through this cycle of positive action, Life Resolutions Tullamarine can at least make the world a better place one client at a time.

You will meet psychologists with a passion to build relationships and create connections with various people, and we aim for you to experience the same thing. Your journey with us will be unique and yours to keep, and hopefully, it will result in the kind of positive change you have been looking for.

Our client-based approach allows us to put the focus on your long-term and short-term goals, and we make sure the treatment methods we provide you with are useful for the particular situation you want to share with us. Your experience with us will be different from that of another client’s as we make sure your methods to use are solely for your benefit.

You are sure to find a positive and enriching environment when you talk with our psychologists as we strive to provide you with only the best in care and treatment.

Appropriate, Understanding Intervention

Our Approach

Psychologists here at Life Resolutions are trained to appropriately make assessments of a problem and providing a safe and trusting environment that is more than adequate to build a therapeutic relationship for your benefit. You will find renewed focus in your life as you see our own psychologists focus on your problems, and we'll work together on making sure the methods and techniques you will use aren't just things we suggest to others, but are methods that are actually tailored to your own needs.

Talking with a psychologist allows you to share information about your particular situation. The issue you present will not only allow the psychologist to get to know your situation to solve better, but also to get to know you as a person. This will hopefully allow them to understand your problem appropriately and suggest a good plan for your therapy. Our treatment process is client-based and strengths-based, and we can use your strengths best if you share your problems with us.

Your intervention with us will not be invasive to your privacy or to affairs you don't want to involve in our sessions, but we do seek to help you gain better understanding of the things happening in your life in order to make sure we steer you to a much more positive direction that will make a big difference in your life.

A brighter and much more fulfilling life is what we aim for you, and it's something that we can achieve together. Appropriate and understanding intervention can be our best asset alongside our client-based approach to get yourself prepared for a better life ahead.

Our treatment methods are based on evidence and research, which means not only have they been tested before, but they are methods that work for others. What's more is that we make sure these methods are tailored directly to your needs, which means you won't get something that is just slated for someone else. We adjust our treatment methods accordingly based on your goals, and you are free to explore more options with us.

All Around, Therapy For Everyone

About Life Resolutions

Life Resolutions Tullamarine has psychologists that have trained in various specialisations giving you that extra layer of guarantee and assurance that the person you're dealing with is more than qualified to be your therapist. More than that, however, is the fact that we have dealt with multiple kinds of issues from clients of all walks of life. Our therapy is all around, and it fits a wide variety of demographics. You will find someone that can fully understand your needs and desires.

Our psychologists have tackled various issues such as the assessment and treatment of psychological disorders in adults. We understand how sometimes there are pressures in someone's life during adulthood that can't be easily dealt with alone, and we make sure our tools are there to help them overcome these problems.

We also tackle a wide variety of issues in the mental health of adolescents as we also work on early interventions for young people with their first episodes of self-harm, psychosis, and depression. We also provide group and individual therapy to those who need them. We accommodate individuals, couples, families, and even companies on various issues that can affect them greatly.

We also cater to relationships, families, and attachment problems that have led us to become more adept in issues surrounding couples, relationships, and sexuality.

You rest assured that the kind of care you will experience with us is the kind of care you will need depending on your particular situation. We strive to make sure you are motivated to see positive changes in your lives, and you are empowered to help make a change in others' as well.

Our methods here at Life Resolutions are tailored for your needs, and we make sure our therapy methods work not only for your long term and short term goals, but to make sure our goals are suited for your needs for the rest of your life. You are sure to find better ways to have a more fulfilling and fruitful life.