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WELCOME to Our Professional and Confidential Counselling Service!

When we talk about mental issues, we can’t help but touch on the subject of sharing these concerns with others. Sometimes we can’t help but notice that sometimes people hesitate to share these issues with others, even with their friends, family, and colleagues because of fear of prejudice and judgment. This unfortunate reality is still something others experience, and it’s something we here at Life Resolutions Victoria Park aim to change through our client-based approach.

We strive to provide an environment to our clients that aren’t only safe and comfortable, but also adequate enough to allow them to share their concerns without fear of prejudice and judgment. Our psychologists are well-versed with a lot of psychological issues thanks to their training and experience, and our clients range from people from all walks of life. Should you decide to seek our services, we can give you an extra layer of assurance that the psychologist we assign to you is someone who is familiar with your concern and is best equipped to help you deal with it.

Our wide array of services are not only evidence-based, but also research-based as well. These have been used over the years by our psychologists with our clients, and our client-first approach allows us to tailor these methods according to what our clients need. This means if you do become one of our clients, you are sure that the methods we choose are adequate for your needs and your goals.

We Are Committed To Help You

Here at Life Resolutions Victoria Park, we believe in the power of change. This helps us drive our professional practice in order to fully challenge, engage, support, and in the end, enhance how our clients live and look at life on a day-to-day basis. Our methods and client-based approach allow us to share with you therapy methods, strategies, and coping mechanisms that could help you deal with your problems without compromising your personal plans and long-term and short-term goals. We aim to be your helping hand when it comes to finding your way to a more fulfilling and fruitful life.

Our mental health professionals here at Life Resolutions Victoria Park all have the passion to help people. Not only do they have in-depth experience and knowledge about circumstances that allow them to handle stressful matters in day-to-day life, but they are more than capable of extending a helping hand to you.

Our experience and exposure to these mental health situations have proven that this is a common sight everywhere, but dealing with them can be tricky. We are here to provide you with the means to get to the bottom of your problems and find a way towards a more positive, fulfilled, and functional life.

What We Offer

We want to redefine your therapy. When you come to see a psychologist here at Life Resolutions, we want to make sure you're meeting a professional that will help you develop coping strategies for your situation. Our client-first approach can help us achieve this by making sure our psychologists get to tailor the methods we choose specifically for your personal benefit. This means the methods we choose to use with you are studied, not just for their merits in general, but for their specific benefit for you as well.

This has been a philosophy that we have followed ever since our conception, and we continue to do this today. The client-based approach we have has allowed us to help various clients in need without jeopardising their long-term or short-term plans. Seeing our clients fulfill these goals with our help is enough to put a smile on our faces.

We have helped many individuals from all walks of life throughout the years. Our psychologists have helped them cope with issues related to anxiety, anger, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, trauma, and even their relationships with other people.

Our team here at Life Resolutions Victoria Park is composed of experienced and compassionate individuals that are there for you. Our psychologists have a wide range of skill-sets, styles, and life experiences that allow them to empathise and relate to your experience. Our team is composed of diverse individuals that can be a good match for your situation.

Some may need only a few sessions for us to help them resolve their personal issues. Some prefer long-term plans to better resolve deep-rooted or recurring issues. Regardless of your priorities, we strive to ensure the treatment methods, mechanisms and strategies we have are tailored to these needs. This means the psychologist we assign to you is well aware of the issues you’re facing, and is prepared to get you the kind of therapy you need in order to help you fulfill your dreams.

Making a Difference

We understand that sometimes seeking help can be a difficult process. A lot of people sit with us with an issue that has been with them for a long time before making "the choice" to see someone or schedule a session with a psychologist. Our client-based approach allows us to tackle this choice appropriately, and we can help ensure you only get the best care you need should you avail our services.

Given our nature as therapists, we work collaboratively with you as our client. We can provide coaching to work towards your various goals in work and in life. It is especially rewarding for both us as therapists and our clients to see improvements in their lives.

Regardless of your religious, political, or sexual orientation, you are sure to find unbiased and non-discriminatory practitioners of psychology here at Life Resolutions. Should you have any questions or concerns about who we are and what we do, please feel free to give us a call and our customer service representatives will be more than happy to help you with your enquiry.