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Life Resolutions Depression Counselling Can Help You

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Depressionis a complicated illness, and is not always easy to spot, even in someone you love. Depression can affect anyone at any time, and it is important to remember that professional support is available. Some who are suffering from depression may feel that they have to hide their sadness and low mood from the outside world, so it can be hard to tell if someone is struggling.

Aside from a low mood, there are many other symptoms associated with depression –

1) Weight changes – Depression can cause either an increased or decreased appetite, and this can result in significant weight loss or gain for sufferers. If you notice a friend or family member has had sudden changes to their weight, this could be a symptom of depression.

2) Sleeping patterns – Fatigue and exhaustion are common signs of depression, as is insomnia. If your loved one is suddenly sleeping all day, staying up all night, or seems very tired, depression could be the reason.

3) Substance use – Many people with depression turn to drugs and alcohol to lift their mood and forget their worries. If you notice that someone you care about seems to be drinking excessively or using drugs, they might be suffering from depression.

Support is available if you or a loved one is suffering. Reach out and chat to our friendly Life Resolutions team for compassionate and experienced mental health counselling.

Jody Brenton at Life Resolutions

Jodie Brenton, our Life Resolutions Director and CEO, has spent many years in the mental health field and knows how tough depression can be for sufferers and those around them. That is whyJodie Brentonhas dedicated her career to ensuring that high-quality services to treat and manage depression are available through Life Resolutions. If you would like support for yourself or someone you love, please do not hesitate tocontact our Life Resolutions team and seek support now.

Life Resolutions Counselling is Available

The Life Resolutions team are here to support you through whatever you are experiencing. We provide face-to-face sessions and a convenient Telehealth appointment service. You can book an consultation with our Life Resolutions specialists by heading to our bookings page.

If you would like to learn more about Jodie Brenton and her work with Life Resolutions, feel free to contact us here.


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