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Life Resolutions-When You Are Dealing with Depression

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Are you struggling with a low mood, feelings of worthlessness, and trouble with motivation? You might be affected by depression. Depression affects an estimated one million Australians each year, so if you are suffering, be assured that help is available, and you are not alone.

Tips for Managing Depression

It is important to seek professional help if you think you might be depressed, as a psychologist is the best person to help you recover and move forward. There are also several other steps you can take to manage and overcome depression.

Depression can cause you to neglect your physical health, so try to combat this by eating regular healthy meals, maintaining a good sleep schedule, and exercising when you feel able.

Avoid criticising yourself when you do not achieve all your goals each day. Remember that depression is an illness like any other, and it can make even small tasks difficult to accomplish.

Create a support network of friends and loved ones. Speak to those around you about how you feeland allow them to help and support you when things are rough.

Remember that everyone needs some extra support now and then, and professional mental health care is an important part of your journey towards wellness.

Life Resolutions’ Jodie Breton

Jodie Brenton is our Life Resolutions Director and CEO and is passionate about ensuring that everyone is supported when they are struggling with depression or any other mental health issues. Jodie Brenton knows depression is often accompanied by shame and confusion, and so she is committed to ensuring all services to treat and manage depression through Life Resolutions are compassionate and confidential.

Jodie and the Life Resolutions team want you to know you deserve happiness and wellness. Reach out and seek support now.

Life Resolutions Mental Health Support

If depression is affecting you, please go ahead and book a convenient Telehealth appointment or face-to-face consultation with our Life Resolutions team today. You can also head to our bookings page to see more of the work we do at Life Resolutions.

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