Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is a common problem regardless of your position or status, whether it be verbal bullying, sexual harassment, being overlooked for a promotion, being left out of group discussions, or having your role and tasks changed while you’re on holiday without consultation, or a host of other types of activities which have a serious psychological impact that is significant and pervasive.

Often the notion of your sensitivity comes into question, particularly as you know you’re not being paranoid. So you might feel depressed, your self-esteem and confidence may take a beating, and you may lose motivation and focus on your work, eventually leading to performance problems. Often those in these situations find it hard, if not impossible, to stand up to the bully – usually a manager or someone more superior in the food-chain.

It’s important for you to remember that you are not alone. You have the support and assistance of the team at Life Resolutions Windsor. We can help you manage your reactions better, to make better decisions, to help you identify what your options are, and to reach some sort of resolution to the bullying. Some strategies may including helping you manage your mood or anxiety, being more confident and assertive, and learn how to take back your power and no longer tolerate the bullying, especially when it is accepted as part of the workplace culture.

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When Should You Seek Professional Help?

It’s difficult to determine if you’re being too sensitive or if you’re co-employees are just being their normal, playful self. But if you’re experiencing these things in your workplace, it might be best for you to seek professional help for workplace bullying:

  • Coworkers changing your work schedule to make it difficult to you
  • Excluding you to work with specific people or taking part in activities related to your work
  • Giving you jobs that are impossible to complete within the given time-frame
  • Giving you senseless tasks unrelated to your job
  • Holding back information necessary for your job
  • Intimidation
  • Playing mind games
  • Repeated hurtful remarks or attacks
  • Sexual harassment

What are the Effects of Workplace Bullying?

Workplace bullying shouldn’t be tolerated. Once you’re bullied at work, different aspects of your life might be affected.

  • You’ll be less active or successful
  • You’ll be less confident in your work and your skillset
  • You’ll regularly feel anxious and stressed
  • You’ll have trust issues with your employer and people you’re working with
  • You’ll develop physical stress such as backaches and headaches

How Can We Help You?

At Life Resolutions in the Windsor we understand how stressful work is when bullying is present – you might be so depressed that you take your problems home, which can ultimately affect relationships. Here at Life Resolutions, we look at your problems from different angles and come up with the best solution for your unique situation. We strive to create long-term solutions for your problems, no matter how severe it is, to ensure that you’ll be living your life smoothly while working. Our psychologists are trained to work with you throughout the entire process without judgment. We’re here to provide comfort and relief with your issues on workplace bullying so you can work more efficiently and with confidence.

Give Yourself Back The Power

Workplace bullying shouldn’t be tolerated. If you find you’re struggling at work, it may be time to reach out and ask for professional help. With our help you can take back control and give yourself more power in the workplace. Give us a call today to book your next appointment. Call Now!

Where is Our Workplace Bullying Service Located?

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