How To Overcome Workplace Bullying and Keep Your Job

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Just when you thought high school was over, bullies still follow you everywhere. Now that you have a job and a career, still, a bully will always find his or her way into your life. Sadly, bullying does not end when you graduate from school. Workplace bullying pretty much exists everywhere.

What would you do when you land your dream job and you find out that a bully is in your workplace? Would you sacrifice everything you worked hard for and quit? When it comes to handling bullies, quitting is never the answer. Why should you give up and let the bully win when everyone deserves to be happy?

Bullying Statistics

In a Workplace Bullying Survey conducted by the World Bullying Institute in 2014, the bullied suffer a lot in terms of emotional, physical and even financial costs because of how they are treated in the workplace. Some of the key findings of the survey include:

  • 72% percent of Americans are aware of bullying in the workplace.
  • Bosses are still the number one bullies in the workplace.
  • 27 percent of the bullied have experienced or are currently experiencing abusive behavior in the workplace.
  • 72% of the accused or employers defend, deny, rationalize or encourage their actions.

These percentages are quite high. However, little or no action has been taken to help the large number of victims of workplace bullying.

Types of Bullies

In order to learn how to handle bullies, it is important to know how to deal with them. Several types of bullies exist in the workplace. They are:

  1. Spineless Supervisor
    Bully Profile
    : The spineless supervisor is a type of bully who carries out every order given by the management. He or she uses this in order to get rid of employees, whether incompetent or not, instead of addressing the real problem. This type of bully will simply reason out the s/he is “just doing what the management told me to do.”
    How to Deal with it: Handling this kind of bully can be tricky as he or she only thinks of saving themselves. To overcome this kind of bullying, you have to make sure you are performing well. That way, nothing can be said of you. It is also recommended to keep close relationships with your colleagues and other stakeholders. This way, when it’s your time to be put on the spot, other people can attest to your innocence.
  2. Character Assassin
    Bully Profile:
    Remember that gossip queen in high school? The one who loves talking behind everyone’s backs? Well, she graduated, grew up and works in the same office as you. The character assassin loves attacking you when you are not looking. They are particularly dangerous as they can damage your reputation beyond repair.
    How to Deal with it: The only way you will know that you have been a victim of character assassination is when the entire office is gossiped about you. Therefore, it is best to hold your head high and just do your work. Your true friends will stand by you, while the fake ones will believe the rumors. The truth will always come out. Eventually, the rumors will die down and the character assassin will either get reprimanded or find another victim.
  3. Aggressive Jerk
    Bully Profile:
    Specialties include name-calling and humiliating others. Aggressive jerks are not concerned about their image or having any decency. They are only concerned about embarrassing other people in the workplace. They love showing off the power they have by putting others down.
    How to Deal with it: Keep your cool. Do not let anything this bully does bother you. It is best to show you are better than this bully by not giving in to his or her tirades. The aggressive jerk will eventually get tired and end up humiliating him or herself.

Bullies are often insecure and unhappy with their own lives so they want others to feel the same way. Everyone will encounter a bully in their lifetime, which is why it is better to deal with them than run away from them.

Ask for Help

When times get too tough, try seeking help from your friends, families or colleagues from work. It wouldn’t hurt to talk about your concerns about workplace bullying. If you need further assistance, Life Resolutions in Windsor is available to help those who are being bullied.